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It was a fotpatrulje in Nottingham city centre who discovered that it left many guests in the beer garden. The guests sat too close both on each other and on the staff that went around to servers, ” says politiførstebetjent Rolf Aamodt in the East police district to NRK.

to get a home Riviera Fusion is located on the pier in Fredrikstad city centre. Politipatruljen was on the site documented the situation with photos.

According to Aamodt set there are 26 people in the beer garden when the police were on the site.

It is a little difficult to say exactly how many had been okay. It’s a little bit with the placement of guests and so on. But in order to comply with tometersregelen, as there were too many people there. It is the restaurant’s responsibility to comply with all the rules, ” he says.

the Proprietor Tuck Phau on the Riviera Fusion says to NRK that he does not agree with the police assessment that there were too many people in the beer garden.

When the police were here, so set it a little over 20 pieces at a beer garden with 70 seats. I don’t think that the guests sat as close as the police would have it. It is not major violations we in this case have done. Had the police come here every day and noticed that there was lots barracks, so had it been anything else, ” he says.

Feel hunted

Aamodt confirms that the restaurant no later than Thursday got warnings for the same.

I was even stopped by the place yesterday. Then there was more distance between the guests, but they got a warning, ” he says.

Phau tell that the restaurant is trying to comply with smittervernreglene, and that they among other things have closed several tables and hung posters up with the information that the customers need to keep distance to each other.

He feels that he is being hunted and claim that the police have been with him several times after having received a “tip about that he has too many guests”.

– I got a telephone call that we had to close in order to be in solidarity with the other locations closed, but I have chosen to keep open. I feel that there is someone who checks us until they find something wrong, and then squeal to the police because they can’t do anything with it themselves, ” says holder.

Fredriksstad Blad: Probably the first in Norway

According to Fredriksstad Blad, the restaurant is probably the first in Norway that is being reviewed for violation of smittevernreglene

Aamodt in the police says to NRK that they chose to not shut down the site, but rather give an order to rectify the situation so that the delivery complies with the smittevernsbestemmelsene.

– But they have been prosecuted for breach of smittevernloven, and so will the lawyers look at the case and decide whether it should be given a fine or not, ” he says.

Phau says that he probably is not going to accept any fine.

– If I feel that I am treated unfairly, I will not accept the fine. I feel that there are some that are simply trying to pursue me.

You feel treated unfairly?

– Yes, I feel unfairly treated.

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