A pickling disgusted, Switzerland. The Zurich cantonal police discovered at the end of last week, the Restaurant bears to the riedhof street in Winterthur, ZH, around 100 kilograms of rotten meat. In the Assembly step, then the food Inspectorate to the fact, and closed the operation because of General hygiene deficiencies. Among other things, on the gross-out list: sour-smelling tomato soup, discolored meat, warm cheese, and mouldy vegetables.

the owner of Karl Sax (63) rose after the closing in VIEW of serious allegations against its tenant Arbanit K.* (38): “He understands nothing from the hosts and has shopped for cheap goods.” He wanted to get rid of the tenant.

According to the host, the guests came to eat

Also bear host Arbanit K. reports to word. As VIEWS, visits him, he is visibly crushed. With sad eyes and a quiet voice he says: “My wife and I are devastated. We are guaranteed no Gammelbeizer! Quite the opposite – we enjoy our customers an excellent reputation. The people came to our Restaurant to eat.”

The allegations of the owner to reject Arbanit K.: “I understand very well something from the hosts. Otherwise, the Restaurant in the four years that would not run under my leadership so well.” And: “I have bought not a cheap meat, but the Swiss quality of meat from Swiss Wholesalers.”

a Broken cooling unit as the reason of all Evil

The amount of meat, which the police found on Friday, is for Arbanit K. veil: “It is absolutely unrealistic for a small operation like ours, that 100 kilograms of meat stored at once. For our Local, this would correspond to a stock of at least six weeks.”

Arbanit K. has his own explanation for the Horror-Fund of the office: “The refrigeration unit in the Restaurant was broken. On Friday the technician came by to repair it. This is also seen on the receipt.”

No more hope after the damage to our image

Apparently, the cooling unit is pulled out in spite of repair, the host. “Then it is clear that the foods were not stored at the appropriate temperature. My lawyer will contact the company to repair the cooling unit in my Restaurant would have.”

Currently you have to wait and see. The family suffers. “Reporting on the alleged conditions in the Restaurant was for me as a host of economic homicide,” the Beizer. He makes no Illusion: “I see no hope. This hurts a lot, because I’m the host of Passion.”

Opposite VIEW, says owner Karl Sax, he will now terminate Arbanit. However, this had not happened yet, so the host. Nevertheless: “The Chapter on bears in Winterthur is completed, the image damage is too great.”

*the Name has been changed