The battle between the party’s internal wings is sometimes as fierce as those between the parties. In the case of the Swiss SP, the left, trade Union side currently has the upper hand. This is also why it is one of the most social-democratic parties in Europe.

The realists involved in the reform-oriented platform, have plenty of little. And there are always less: To Chantal Galladé (46) has also left the Zurich SP-national councillor Daniel Frei (40) of the party and is to GLP procedure.

Nahles all Offices from

A non-violent power struggle raging at the German sister party, Christian Levrat (48) and co., in the case of the SPD, which has retracted in the European elections a week ago, a historically bad result. Party and group head of Andrea Nahles (48) concluded on Sunday with the consequences and gave all of their political Offices. An earthquake for the SPD, and finally was Nahles only for the year of the strong woman in the party.

“The discussion in the group, and the feedback from the party have shown me that the exercise of my Offices the necessary support is there,” she said. With the resignation she wanted to open up the possibility “that in two functions in an orderly manner to the successor can be controlled”. You hope that the social Democrats are successful, “to strengthen trust and mutual respect again”.

“the SPD is in need of a detoxification”

The various lower layers of the polls are also due to the fact that many of the voters understand whether or not the SPD is still to the Grand coalition with the CDU/CSU. Or if she wants to mainly operate in Opposition. “The SPD is in need of a detoxification,” commented the former party leader Sigmar Gabriel (59). “As long as the SPD is concerned only with itself, as long as it only goes to Enforce or Prevent intra-party positions of power, will turn away the people further from us.”

It is a direction choice is so. Through those circles, which lead the party to the left, and the government want to end the coalition early? Or the party seeks salvation more in the middle? For the latter Option, the current Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz (60) would be a possible party leader. The Option right on the left of urge and rejuvenation would embody Juso-chief Kevin Kühnert (29). This variant is, however, unlikely.

As a possible transitional head of Malu Dreyer (58) is out of the question, the Minister-President of Rhineland-Palatinate. Also, the Minister President of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Manuela Schwesig (45), is likely to have ambitions. As well as the Prime Minister of lower Saxony, Stephan Weil (60).

A Problem Nahles was that they embodied both of the left and moderate wings: As the former left a wife and Juso outer-Chief railed against the then policy of Chancellor Gerhard Schröder (75). She moved then towards the center, it was labour and social Affairs Minister and was in 2017, contributed to the fact that the SPD was again on the Grand coalition. Also the first female SPD Chief is failed now.

SP-Guldimann: “Now everything is possible”

“We are a large coalition,” said the CDU Boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (56). For the former Ambassador in Berlin, and a national councillor Tim Guldimann (68) is now, however, “everything is possible”, he says to VIEW. It’s now just a matter of finding a new party leader, but to decide on “the end of the Big coalition”. For the serbelnde SPD, he wants the coalition question: “Rather an end with horror than a horror without end.” A possible consequence would then be new elections. “Would benefit from the Green. Even a green Chancellor is not excluded, according to recent polls entirely,” says Guldimann.

social-democracy, is in Europe with the exception of a few countries under massive pressure. It must, therefore, leave the SP in the autumn of springs? Surveys suggest that currently on stability or a slight decline. Thus, the SP will not be recorded in the negative spiral, would you say in your two core themes constructive: the pension and wage protection in the European context, so Guldimann. For the sustainable pension reform he wants “more flexibility without social degradation”. And with more self-awareness, the framework agreement could be signed safely below.