Residents of the Smolensk village, the three of us fought back a rabid wolf

lacerations all over the body. Residents of the Smolensk village, the three of us fought back the wolf. They managed to fend off the predator. In the end, the beast was killed and the injured were sent for treatment to Smolensk.

the Attack happened happened in the Kardymovsky district. The wolves here are frequent visitors. Therefore, more recently, local residents walk to the train stop only two, reports GTRK “Smolensk”. “I saw two wolves near my home. They are usually peaceful. Maybe this was rabies?”, — says a resident of the village of Chuy’s Hadji Murat Asylbaev.

the First victim the wolf was the Hope Petrushenko. 67-year-old woman fell from a commuter train stop on the Dnieper and went into one of the nearby villages Bernebeau. She walked along the path and, most likely, the wolf caught up to her near the forest.

as soon As the woman noticed the predator she managed to call her brother. He grabbed a kitchen knife, took the other and together they rushed to her aid. The beast has managed to bite the victim, to cut his brother’s face, but before his pet killed, he’s bitten the hand of a third person.

the Woman was immediately sent to the Smolensk regional hospital, and two men received primary care at the district hospital of Kardymovo, after which they also sent to Smolensk.

“In General, all patients are in satisfactory condition. However, they suffered serious injuries. The woman bites on the face, lacerations on the right thigh and upper extremities. One of the men placed in the Department of oral and maxillofacial surgery. He kesannya wound on the nose, right forearm, and upper lip,” — said the chief physician of Smolensk regional clinical hospital, Evgeniy Kamanin.

They will remain under observation for at least two weeks. Both made shots against rabies, because all the signs thatexist about the presence of wolves this dangerous disease. Experts underline that a rabid animal is able to bite to death to death.

“If a wolf is hungry, as dinner would suit him and the man. Therefore, the case is very dangerous,” — said the head of the State veterinary service of the Smolensk region Alexey Gargantus.

the staff of the veterinary stations already spent exploring the nearby villages. New cases of rabies as a result of check have been revealed, so forcibly vaccinated animals will not. However, experts of Department are reminded that outbreaks of rabies have increased, so Smolensk should take care in advance about the vaccination of their Pets.

Text: GTRK “Smolensk”