Residents of Magadan will receive assistance from the authorities for IVF

the Authorities of the Magadan region will pay the way for ECO to all residents of the region who wish to do so. On the Kolyma clinics where in vitro fertilization, no, but I want to go through the procedure dozens of women.

Kolyma the problem of maternity is acute. Many women require in vitro fertilization. But in the Magadan region, the ECO is not carried out. Women sent to other regions of the country.

“the Clinic is chosen with the consent of the patient with their wishes. Today we are negotiating with the Moscow academic IVF clinics that have the equipment, the latest. In the Russian Federation clinics are two, in my opinion. Here’s one of them we are negotiating to provide quality medical care”, — said Bulat Japow, head physician of the Magadan maternity hospitals.

If for medical reasons the appearance of the baby is impossible without IVF, the procedure is paid by the regional budget. With its help last year alone 40 families Magadan region has been enriched with children.

In 2020, the IVF procedure, in total, plan to send 90 people. 4 of them have already left in January, 9 in February and March scheduled departure of 12 of calimshan.

the Path to happy motherhood is blocked by the high cost of tickets. The state pays half the fare only to one family member only if he is an employee of the budget sphere of the region. Therefore, families who need such help are forced to postpone the trip until a more convenient moment. At the last meeting of the regional Government Governor Sergey Nosov ordered to pay the way for all without exception.

“it is Clear that under the MLA, it can be paid, but it is very important as an issue and the flights there and back. Because we are in a position and the corresponding order, all things considered, I have already given. We will pay for, including flights to Moscow and back,” said Sergei Nosov, the Governor of the Magadan region.

Residents of MahadAna supports the initiative of the Governor. Recent years the birth rate in the Magadan region is reduced. A new measure of social support for families – full payment for the procedure, according to the regional Government will help to remedy this situation.