Investigation in Dagestan opened a criminal case on the fact of kidnapping of the girl, allegedly by three men, to marry one of them. This was reported by the Investigative Committee for the Republic.

according to the investigation, three residents of the magaramkentsky district on 5 August went to 22-year-old resident of the village Gazatem. According to preliminary data, they forcibly put her into the car and drove to the town of Derbent.

In the apartment of one of the accomplices of the suspects kept the 22-year-old victim for almost one day, not telling her family about her whereabouts. The Ministry added that during this time the men made the victim consent to marry one of the kidnappers.

August 6, police freed kidnapped and returned to her parents. The question on election of a measure of restraint concerning suspects.

In February, a 15-year-old Russian from Krasnodar Krai kidnapped and taken to Chechnya for marriage. The boy was taken to Chechnya natives of the region, one of whom wanted to marry her. The kidnappers threatened native girls and demanded to search it.