the Study was conducted in 60 towns in the Leningrad, Rostov, Kursk, Tver, Sverdlovsk, Kaliningrad, Murmansk, Saratov, Voronezh and Smolensk regions. The key takeaway is that 74.4 percent of respondents in the regions of location of nuclear power plants approve of the use of nuclear energy as one way of ensuring our country’s electricity.

In the satellite towns of nuclear power plants (a total of eleven, including polar Pevek) the percentage is even higher – 87,13. Compared to previous surveys growth is significant. For example, in the Kursk region, where, after a long pause and intense debate near to existing units now are being built, new residents associated with the development of the region and its welfare.

Note that all Russian nuclear power plants are branches of JSC “concern Rosenergoatom”, and together they form the electric power division of Rosatom. In the course of the study, organized by the company “SANKOM” sociologists have studied the attitude of local people to the activities of the nearby nuclear power plant and people’s perception of atomic energy in General.

As stated in the final report, the population supports the development of the nuclear industry, and also notes its high significance for socio-economic development of their regions. Project Manager Anna Dvinskikh explains that the study “has coincided with quite a difficult period for the population in connection with the restrictive measures because of the situation with coronavirus”. But even in this case, “the degree of responsiveness of residents to participate in the survey was quite high,” noted the company “SANKOM”.

a Positive attitude to a specific nearby station identified seven out of every ten inhabitants in the region of its location and the satellite towns of nuclear power plants – eight-nine out of ten. More than half of respondents noted the presence of a nuclear power plant as a significant advantage over other areas that don’t have such object. In prystantsiine cities this figure exceeded 60% -70%.

Marked positive dynamics in answers to more General questions. One of the main: what sources of energy, in your opinion, the future? The “select” replies of steel, “Atomic energy” and “Alternative energy”, far ahead of other types of power generation (hydro, gas and coal). On the question of what you personally associate nuclear energy in Russia, in the regions of presence of nuclear power plants prevailed three responses: “Efficient oil and gas a Promising source of energy” and “good for people”.