among The residents and the care services in residential care facilities will be the first of a coronatest. That is, the eight Belgian minister of public Health has decided, now that the capacity has been increased to more than 10,000 per day. But even then, it took more than a month for everyone to be tested.

at The “test capacity is there, it should really be used where they are most needed. We need to do for this vulnerable group in our society, and the people on the front lines.” That, says the prime minister, Philippe De Backer (Open VLD), the task force will have the capacity to be increased.

More than 10,000 tests per day, which sounds like a lot. But even then, it will take weeks to get all of the rusthuisbewoners it to the test. As for the hospitals, the use of 3 – to 4,000 tests per day for both patients and health care providers with symptoms as well. The rest of the 6 to 7,000 people will go on for the living and care facilities, but home to about 140,000 people, and another 100,000 in cash. Several residential care facilities have responded to the past few days, disappointed that they were not selected for the first 20,000 tests.

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“The tests are the most appropriate, because it is home to many people close to each other,” says infectiologe Erika Vlieghe (UZ Antwerp). “The local doctor and you will subsequently have to consider the way in which the residential health care facility and then deal with the results. You can, of the infected residents, to isolate, to a greater outbreak, you’ll need the sections to split up. And, as you know, the personnel are infected, you can remove them from the Covid-free areas.”

as an Additional obstacle, a test, moreover, is not 100 per cent conclusive, and it is but for a moment. The day after a negative test, however, have been infected. “But it’s the best thing we can do is to make the tests available for the disposal of residential care homes”, says a virologist is in order, Marc Van Ranst (kuleuven). “It will take a long time, but there are limits to its capacity. These are substantial increases, but it remains to be from the beginning to the end, all we have. In some emergencies, you may have no choice. Let us begin with the residential care facilities where there is the greatest problem.”

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