a resident of the village of Ust ‘ -pocha Arkhangelsk region Andrey Anikiev while working in the garden stumbled on a stone object that turned out to be a fragment of the ancient weapons of the Neolithic period.

according to the Kenozero national Park, which houses Ust-pocha, artifact refers to the period four to three thousand years BC. On the stone is clearly visible traces of his treatment. Archaeologist Alexander Martynov believes that it is the tip of the dart or small spear. It remained intact, only noticeable cleavage at the site of attachment to the base.

But early man was satisfied with the Parking at the water, and the vegetable garden, where they found the artifact, is set back from the shore. The owner of the site suggested that a fragment of the ancient weapons were on its territory in 1990-e years when in Ust-Poche dismantled farm near the lake and the land were taken to the gardens of local residents.

the Discovery will occupy a worthy place in the vast archaeological collections of the national Park. According to the chief Keeper of Museum funds of Anne of Antsiferovo, that such objects, like arrowheads, Darts or copies in the collections, there are quite a few.

on the territory of Kenozerye, several dozens of monuments of archeology. So, in 2019 in the course of excavations near the village of kositsyna found more than eight thousand of various items, which experts have dated different millennia BC.