the most Important information to “Resident Evil 2” platforms PC, PS4 and Xbox One Release 25.01.19 (Switzerland) price 59.90 Euro (PC) on Origin, 59.90 Swiss francs (PS4) PSN, 61 francs (Xbox One) on Xbox live age from 18 years of age Overview: Wherefore, in “Resident Evil 2”

As in the Original, in the year 1998, the player must escape alternating with Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield from Raccoon City. There is a by the pharmaceutical giant Umbrella Corporation as a bio-weapon designed Virus has turned the majority of inhabitants into bloodthirsty Zombies. While Leon wants to find out how it came to disaster, is driving Claire in search of her missing brother, Chris. Both of the protagonists have to go in the game, your own objectives. Their paths crosses often.

Trailer for “Resident Evil 2”

Gameplay: playing “Resident Evil 2”

The most Important thing: The old and clumsy control that you had to depending on the camera perspective, the Stick in the opposite direction to that of the hero tilting, is history. Instead, you can enjoy the game from the modern tracker’s perspective. And so much ahead: in The main bout of the shown section of the game feels so good, how rare a Game of the long-lived series – and also a Tick better than “Resident Evil 7”.

During the playable Demo, Claire Redfield joins in a vaulted cellar on William Birkin. The inventor of the G-Virus – a brutal Form of the original T-Virus, after he injected the Disease itself, completely insane. He has also transformed himself physically into a giant Monster, the one on Claire’s verbal attempts at Negotiation are extremely reluctant to react.

lead-containing run –

The Layout for the following boss fight is created as a kind of tour. So Claire has to win the primary distance to your opponent to chase him, then each ball in his misshapen head. As typical for the series, the ammunition is extremely scarce, the inventory in the scope is massively limited, and to find healing herbs rarely. Who here is impatient, loses the fight. Instead, it is given space to exploit. In the course of the struggle, some of the pipes burst. The escaping water vapor gives Claire the opportunity to hide for a short time. However, the danger is that William starts abruptly out of nowhere on our heroine.

After a long battle, in which a semi-automatic pistol, a Revolver and a grenade launcher, the Mutant finally in the knee. So we can free the locked-up Sherry Birkin, the daughter of the malefactor, and to the output lead. Unfortunately, the Cop Brian Irons, aimed his gun at Claire and Sherry a ride waiting there already. Thus, the playable, then ended the section.


With the new camera perspective, the developers had to adjust the Gameplay and the Level Layout solid. So the Remake as a totally new game feels – and a great first. Probably never in the course of the series, the panel was as smooth and unproblematic as it is here. Also visually, the Remake with spectacular steam effects and successful character animations are a lot. There remains only the question of whether the Remake succeeds, the claustrophobic atmosphere of the original capture. Anyway, the Game has quite the potential to be one of the best and for a Remake is quite ironic – one of the time, according to most editions of the series.