Reshetnikov: the MAYOR prepares the second package of measures on support of branches of economy

there are 49 instructions on which it is necessary to prepare regulatory decisions. Of these, 13 have already been taken, said the Minister, and 12 projects are in high degree of readiness. “That is half the plan to promptly implement”, he concluded.

Photo: iStock Mishustin warned against unjustified dismissals during coronavirus

So, quickly prepared and submitted to the government a bill on moratorium on bankruptcy of enterprises. Reshetnikov welcomed the steps the Central Bank to meet the business, stressing that now the companies will be of interest not new loans, and refinancing and restructuring of old ones. “So we will make changes to the current program, which involves changes in existing rules and working on new proposals,” – said the Minister of economic development.

on Friday, the MAYOR made the decision on settlement of losses between tour operators and airlines. The document was developed taking into account the views of market participants. “A bill that gives the government the right to suspend payments to the so-called “individual funds” which dealt with the losses to tour operators, the government, and next week it will be submitted to the State Duma,” – said Maxim Reshetnikov.

Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS the Cabinet of Ministers has prepared a plan of measures in the spread of the coronavirus

– We prepare the second package of measures, because we understand that a number of industries, which significantly hurt this situation extends, said mof Ministers. – First of all, this is the catering and hotels.

of Concern to government is the situation in the regions where the situation is developing differently, but shared Reshetnikov concerns, the negative effect may happen and in those regions where so far everything is stable. On behalf of the first Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov, a large teleconference with the regions to adjust their economic policies. “That they might be more cautious and prepared for the fact that small business will really face big problems”, – said the head of Ministry of economic development.