According to the Minister of health of Michael Murashko, in recent months medicine is faced with two challenges: it was necessary in the shortest terms to organise all the stages of treatment COVID-19 and keep the medical care in other areas, primarily emergency when patients can’t wait. “These challenges are the key to retain the current situation, and our task is to stop the loss of the pace of development of the health system,” said the Minister.

a Powerful impetus was given to the development of epidemiological and infectious service. “Infected with the coronavirus, the Russians get a certain model of care, now it is necessary to pay special attention to the development of vaccines and drugs to treat infection,” said Mikhail Murashko.

All of these items were included in the government plan, and much has already been done. Was two Russian meds COVID-19, and clinical trials of several vaccines will begin in the coming days.

it is Clear that the allocation for the fight against the “crown” of tens of billions in the end will serve to strengthen all of our medicine. Retooled and rebuilt the infectious hospitals will continue to accept patients in “postcoronary” life.

to Build during these months had a lot: opened infectious diseases hospital in Ufa. Another 16 hospitals constructed or rented in the near future military forces: in Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, Volgograd, Novgorod, Orenburg and other cities. And in Sevastopol built a powerful five buildings – the hospital emergency room.

When the virus will retreat, it will be necessary to decide how to properly dispose of this resource: re-profiled clinics will return to work in normal mode, re-built will be able to take patients in other areas, but so that if necessary they could refocus in accordance with the needs in a matter of days.

an Important point in the plan – the availability of new drugs and medical technologies. At the time of the epidemic and unprecedented example is the Ministry of health as accelerated procedures for issuing permits for clinical trials and registration of new drugs and medical technologies. “Representatives of the pharmaceutical industry all this time has worked with the Ministry in close contact and mutual understanding. A new experience can be transferred and the time when the pandemic will end. Because the result is obvious – the patients get the opportunity to be treated with modern drugs and medtekhnologia much faster”, – said the head of the Association of international pharmaceutical manufacturers Vladimir Shipkov. Russia is developing more than 20 different prototypes of the vaccine COVID-19, and the most promising projects are already close to the final stage of clinical trials on volunteers. There is no vaccine, but that it is, scientists do not doubt. And leadMinisters of health have said that vaccination against coronavirus is included in the national calendar, which is available to all at state expense.

Arkady Dvorkovich, the Chairman of the SKOLKOVO Foundation:

– the Negative consequences of the pandemic that swept the world, is obvious. But in the most negative scenario you can see the positive impulses. Thus, a powerful incentive for the development was given to the pharmaceutical industry. One of the residents of the innovation center received a check for a remedy the coronavirus “Aviewer”, development and preclinical testing free of charge which financed the Fund “SKOLKOVO”. The Ministry accepted the check test strips – quick, precise, available for men laboratory diagnosis COVID-19. The country has already deployed solutions to monitor the adherence of social distancing, soon it will be integrated thermography. Increased the number of technology solutions for the health sector: system, decision support, automatic analysers, the various modules allow you to quickly and efficiently provide care to patients, while the load on doctors and hospitals is reduced. Increased telemedicine sector – those issues that can be addressed by a doctor without a clinic visit, be resolved remotely.