the Decommissioning of communities around the world should not be abolished totally, before a vaccine against the disease is found.

Such is the conclusion from a new China-based studio, which is published in the medical journal The Lancet.

It writes CNN.

the Report comes after the chinese therefore, Wuhan Wednesday night for the first time in 77 days, was given the green light for citizens to be able to leave his home.

“Although these measures appear to have reduced the number of infected to a very low level without creating folkeimmunitet, could with ease increase,” says the Professor, Joseph T Wu from the University of Hong Kong, which was one of the lead people behind the study.

“For when companies, fabriksdrift and schools gradually resume and thus to increase the social mix. In particular, in view of the increasing risk on imported goods, as Covid-19 continues to spread globally,” he explains.

He warns that smittehastigheden will increase, unless the governments ensure that the many restrictions will be lifted slowly and closely monitored. It doesn’t happen, you risk a second wave.

“Even if the obligations referred on the physical distance and change of behaviour will probably be maintained for some time yet, so is it the best strategy until effective vaccines become widely available,” explains the professor.

the Research can be quite crucial all over the world, since some countries have had shutdowns in a few weeks and are now considering how best to ease on the restrictions, so that the economy does not go completely in the stand.

This, among other things, we now see in Denmark, where prime minister Mette Frederiksen (S), at a press conference on Monday presented the government’s plan for the partial reopening of the Denmark.

Here, it was clear that the day-care centres and schoolchildren from 0.-5. class can come into school again from 15. april.

According to the commit, it can lead to potential new outbreaks, and even worse consequences for both health and the economy, if you do not open the society up again at just the right pace.