The topic of Coronavirus dominates the global reporting, unfortunately, the wild conspiracy theories circulating in the Internet. A very early emerged theory claims that the Virus was not caused naturally but by humans in the laboratory.

All nonsense, says a study by the U.S. Cripps Research Institute, which was published in the magazine “Nature Medicine” .

That the pathogen was created in a lab as a bioweapon, is not plausible. “We compared the available genomic sequences of the known Corona-virus strains, and can safely say that SARS-CoV-2 is created by natural processes,” explains immunologist Kristian Andersen, of the Scripps Research Institute.

features caught the attention of researchers, especially in the molecular structure of the so-called Spike protein, which the Virus binds to the host cell. The efficiency with which this is done, it could only be by a natural process arose, conclude the scientists. They simulated the connection of mutations that can be created by the hand of man to the “Spike proteins” of the closely related SARS-CoV Virus.

result: In the computer model was none of the man-made mutations, similar to the effective Spike-generating proteins. The researchers assume, therefore, that the Mutation can only be the result of natural selection arose.