It says professor Jacob Clement Yde at Høgskulen on the west coast.

Researchers and water are working intensely up on the glacier to find out about what global warming and climate change has to mean for the Norwegian fjellnaturen.

climate change means that the jostedal glacier changes dramatically.

Together with between other the NVE, the universities in Bergen and Oslo and Vestlandsforsking have they now got millionstøtte to do research on the implications of bresmeltinga.

Among other things, may the waters under the glacier change direction. What happens then?

– It can have consequences for vasskraft and tourism. It can mean that one must allow about how one has vasskraft today or stop production where vasskraft in the day, ” says Yde.

IMPORTANT RIVER: the Jostedøla taking annual against the huge amounts of melt water from the glacier. When the glaciers retreat and the climate changes can the water find new ways.

Photo: Jostein Aasen| / NVE Vasskilje and ice-make can be different from

– the Glacier is a part of the landscape. So when the glacier is melting now, pour the waters of the glacier either. But it is not necessarily so that the mountain under rather the same way as breoverflata, explains glasiolog Hallgeir Elvehøy in the NVE.

– Take a man off the glacier, so will one get a mountain landscape where vasskiljet may be different than what is – and vasskiljet lie on the glacier today, add him to.

It is not as dramatic as that vasskiljet in South-Norway will change direction, ” he says.

It’s a lot about the distribution of water between watercourses. Think the one on the jostedals glacier, is vasskiljet between the Jostedalen on the east side and Olden and Jølster in the west. Some of the glacier are awaken, it can vasskiljet move, says Elvehøy.

CAN CHANGE: Especially by large glaciers with large brearmar can a few changes in the vassretninga, says glasiolog Hallgeir Elvehøy in the NVE.

Photo: Kaia Johnsen Viki / NRK

Glasiologen means that it can be to talk about quite a large area where avrenninga changes direction.

– most places are høgderyggen quite similar to the ice-gap under the glacier. But especially by the large glaciers which vasskiljet goes between the big brearmar in both directions, a few substantial changes certain terrain suitable for it.

do not Know how it is under the glacier

Scientists are now in progress with a project where they will measure how thick the jostedal glacier is, so that one can find out how much ice there actually is.

the Bottom of the list under the jostedal glacier is, perhaps, one of the largest areas in Europe that is not yet mapped. So we don’t know how it looks, ” says Yde

– When we have done it, so we can begin to see how the glacier moves over time in relation to the different klimascenario.

He påpeiker that the very glacier also has major consequences for the climate, regional in the area. Certain for example, one takes away the glacier completely, will nedbørsmønsteret change in the area, think forskaren.

Forskingstemaet will now find out what consequences it has that glacier member states for the local climate around the jostedal glacier and how this affects the local population.