You tie on your running shoes. The week’s second workout is for the trip. But despite the strenuous efforts, is not motbakkene much easier.

for a long time, scientists have been aware that the maximum oxygen uptake varies widely from person to person.

They believe 50 per cent of the stamina is inherited from the mother and father.

But, so far, have not scientists found genvariantene that controls the condition – until now.

Good genvarianter has many benefits

By CERG in Trondheim, researchers analyzed 123.454 genvarianter. This is the first major study that looks at the relationship between genvarianter and directly measured maximum oxygen uptake.

They also tested the maximum the oxygen supply to the 3470 healthy men and women, which was a part of the good give an in Nord-Trøndelag (HUNT3) between 2006 and 2008.

So, researchers found six new genes that are associated with low and high fitness level.

The more good genvarianter you have, the lower your body fat percentage, waist circumference and BMI had on the participants.

NEW RESEARCH: Anja Bye and the rest of the scientists are already underway with a similar survey. She tells us that together will test the 25 million new genvarianter in the further work.

Foto: Roger Myren / NRK we are different

All we are born with the same genes, but the tiny differences make that we have different characteristics.

A gene contains tens of thousands of letters, which are codes for the DNA. Such a code consists of the letters ATCG in many different varieties.

The different variations can mean that we get different eye color, or as the researchers now have discovered that some have a better starting point for good condition than the other.

– We’ll see whether people with a high fitness level have the same letters in the same place in the gene, while those with low stamina have the other letters on the space, ” explains Anja Bye, who is a researcher at CERG, NTNU.

Small effect of the cardio equipment

Anders Risan from Trondheim have come to know this on the body.

In 2012, he a bet with your friends its about who was able to increase the oxygen uptake the most.

He trained hard for three months, but didn’t get the results he had seen for themselves.

Risan had not improved oxygen supply at all.

– In the beginning, it was disappointing that I did not respond better, and it went a little beyond the motivation a period of time, he says to NRK.

the Experts also believe that high and low cardiovascular fitness is closely associated with the heart disease. By finding new answers can prevent future cases of heart and artery disease.

– Poor condition is one of the most important risk factors for cardiovascular disease and early death. In fact, low fitness is a stronger indicator of mortality than traditional risk factors such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, ” says researcher Anja Bye.

– Long to the findings can be used in the treatment

Jostein Hallén professor at the Norwegian school of sport sciences, and believes that the study at NTNU is important.

– It has long been searched for genetic variations for high oxygen uptake. What is clear today is that this is very complex and does not depend on a few genetic variations. Therefore, this pursuit also continue in the future.

Still believe the professor that you have a long way to go before one can take the findings of the use of the treatment.

– It has been shown that the identification of specific genes and genvariasjoner as tags for various characteristics, for example disease, has so far relatively little therapeutic value.

He then says that there have been major advances against different diseases for the last 50 years. This is due, first and foremost, advances in “classical methods”, in both prevention and treatment.

HERITAGE: Jostein Hallén professor at the Norwegian school of sport sciences. He says they still have a long way to go to find even better answers.

Photo: Private Trainer for health benefits

Anders Risan from Trondheim, norway have not given up training, although he has slightly inferior condition to increase the kondisjonsnivået his.

Previously he trained because the training was fun, but now he is more focused on the healthiness.

– After that I passed 50 I am more aware of the health. The most important thing with training for my part is to maintain the strength, endurance and function. You must be able to continue to do what is fun.

BAD RESPONSE: Anders Risan from Trondheim is one of them who are struggling to increase their maximum oxygen uptake, even if he trains well.

Photo: Private Magemålet can reveal kondisen your