Coronavirusset mutates. And it can do it many times.

It is no doubt, after that scientists have detected 40 mutations of coronaviruses – alone on the Island. It writes the Information.

Here, health authorities have tested nearly 10,000 persons for infection with the coronavirus in cooperation with the private genetikfirma Decode Genetics.

in Addition, have you made a sequencing of the infections that are found.

“We have found 40 islandspecifikke mutations in the virus. We have found a person who had a combination of the virus. He had the virus from before and after the mutation,” says director of Decode Genetics Kári Stefánsson for the Information.

In total, it has registered 473 infected persons on the Island.

the Health authorities in the country have tested all which have shown symptoms that were sick or in special risk of coronaviruses.

in Addition, approximately 5500 persons, such as Decode Genetics have tested, but which did not show any symptoms and were not at risk.

Via gensekventering have one on the Island able to identify where the virus comes from. Some icelanders have been infected in Austria, others in Italy and a smaller group has been infected in the Uk.

Professor Allan Randrup Thomsen from the Department of Immunology and Microbiology at Copenhagen University, is not surprised by the many mutations.

“Coronavirus is known as a virus that can mutate reasonable vehemently. We have seen reports of variants from China already. On the way, it fits well with what one would expect,” he says to the Information.

He expects that the coronavirus in the longer term will evolve to be more infectious, but less dangerous for those it affects.

the Health authorities on the Island believe that the knowledge that has been gained about the corona virus’ mutations, could be used all over the world in the fight against the global virus.