Research to move to Moscow you need to sell three ruble note in the region

According to estimates of analysts of a portal “World apartments”, the easiest way to get a Moscow residence permit, if you purchase a house in New Moscow. For example, in 24 km from MKAD, you can buy 2.34 mln rubles Studio space a little more than 23 square meters. For such money really to sell in Bryansk or Lipetsk secondary “kopeck piece” in the size of 52 square meters. Or in Chelyabinsk to part with the apartment, which is expensive designer renovation.

to live close to the ring road, they will need more than four million rubles. To gain same amount sold in Ivanovo the new “treshku” the area is 91 “square”, with two balconies and a spacious kitchen. However, this luxury will have to be exchanged for the compact Studio apartment (24 sqm) 15 minutes from the metro station “Buninskaya Alleya”.

a Full-fledged “odnushku” in Moscow will cost at least five million rubles. For the same amount the apartment is about 40 square meters in a newly built residential neighborhood in the Eastern Biryulyovo. The same in the regions is a two-bedroom apartment in a new building with designer renovation. For example, a 75-meter in Kirov or 85-meter in Omsk.

“the secondary” in one of the “sleeping” makes sense to threaten, having in reserve an apartment in a major city in Central Russia with an area of about 100 square meters and cost about seven million rubles. For example, the “three-ruble note” in a new building in Tver or similar in the parameters of housing in Yaroslavl. In Moscow in return you can take a modest 33 per square meter in the panel house of the old model. Metro station “Kolomna” will pass in 20 minutes.

to change “three” to “three”, experts say, it is better to live in Sochi or St. Petersburg. But you need to understand that this exchange will decrease the area or housing will be further away from the city centre. For example, in Sochi-meter apartment in a new house and five minutes from the sea, in the Russian capital will be able to get only the standard “three-ruble note” in Sochi.