The offer sounds for many scientists, tempting: A publisher offers to publish your own article within a few days. The extent to which the content will be reviewed, and remains unclear. Also questionable studies and have a Chance to come into the world, and under the alleged seal of science. However, the scientists have to pay for the publication.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung and the broadcaster NDR and WDR had published reports in July that thousands of German scientists in worthless Online journals, pseudo-scientific publishers. Now a number of German universities have responded to the coverage with different sharp measures.

University of Hannover has recommended 80 scientists to remove Fake journal published articles from their publication lists, such as the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” reported. The rectorate of the University of Bremen wishes to add to the code of conduct for scientists. The University of Hohenheim sample and searched the published papers and informed concerned scientists. To the University of Frankfurt uniinterne bodies to investigate where it came from to conduct scientific misconduct. To the University of Regensburg the quality of revised criteria for the financing of University publications. Some universities, such as, for example, Würzburg and Bielefeld , create positive lists, where prestigious journals are called to expose such Pseudo-Magazine.

Manipulated the market research surveys

allegations against “Science” and “Nature to be fake” and “Exaggerated, until it is wrong”

the phenomenon of pseudo-scientific publishers has been known for years, but the number of such publications has increased in the past five years. So, the number of such publications had increased five-fold in five of the most important publishers of the research of the “Süddeutscher Zeitung”, NDR and WDR, in the past five years, the world has tripled, and in Germany.

For scientists, it is important to be as often as possible as the study’s author, called to bring the own career. Many of them complain about the high publication pressure.

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Behind the publication of scandal-a phenomenon that scientists criticize for a Long time. So a British psychologist had published a few months ago, a bullshit study to make attention to the Problem.

the core message of The Pseudo-study: Conservative politicians use it to wipe your Butt after going to the toilet with the left Hand, left-wing politicians, it should be Vice versa. Participated in the study of imagination-politicians such as Boris Johnski, Teresa Maybe, and Placido Domingo. The magazine “Psychology and Psychotherapy”, which published the study claims to examine the texts beforehand.