Naya Rivera

National forest Los Padres, California, the search continues for the missing 33-year-old star of glee Naya Rivera, but rescuers do not hope to find her alive. July 8 she and her four-year-old Josie rented a boat and went boating on lake Piru. A few hours later the boy was discovered in the boat alone. Sergeant Kevin Donoghue with the Sheriff’s office Ventura County answered the questions of journalists about the progress of the search operation.

Naya Rivera

According to him, the missing actress looking for about a hundred people — most of the work now performed by divers. The son of Nai Rivera told police that his mother had gone to bathe and has not returned.
it All depends on the circumstances. If it is stuck under the water, her body may never float. We don’t know — Donohue responded to a journalist’s question, if the body of the actress, if she really drowned.

Kevin Donohue

Member of the search operation confirmed that swimming in the lake allowed.

Strong underwater currents there, but the water in some places can be very cold… the water Visibility is terrible, especially in those places where a lot of aquatic plants. They can be confusing, which complicates the search and makes the work of divers is unsafe, he added.