Rescue is coming: the coronavirus vaccine is tested on mice

In China, local experts report that they are close to creating a vaccine against the new coronavirus. And while the drug being tested, authorities introduced tough new measures to prevent the spread of the disease. For concealment of symptoms can be punished with criminal prosecution and imprisonment.

Shanghai can be a city where salvation would come from the coronavirus. Scientists of the local University said that close to developing a vaccine. Of the 100 of thousands of drugs by using computer simulation, we selected the most promising tool, and now its already tested on mice. But when the medication is ready, no one declared.

so far, only for the last day of victims of coronavirus are even 100 people. All of them are residents of Hubei province. This region, as its main Wuhan city, remain closed. Every day there arrive all new units of military medics.

– of course, We’ll deal with the epidemic. Lately many of the previously suspected cases transferred to confirmed.

Now, if in Hubei province will visit any civilian and hide it from the authorities, the case could result in criminal prosecution. People’s court of Beijing announced that for such a trip, and also for concealment of the symptoms of coronavirus, the punishment is from 3 years imprisonment to capital punishment. Harsh threats and the most severe quarantine seems to produce results.

“the Data obtained from several statistical points of our hospital showed that the number of people with high fever went down. So I think that the peak of the epidemic has already begun,” says van Sinjhuang, chief physician of infectious hospital “Lacanian” of the University city of Wuhan.

Chinese TV channels, daily show people recovering from hospitals across the country, and moving their goodbyes with the doctors, implying: a virus is not a death sentence, and death rates are declining.

At the same time, the citizens of China already export salesnot the richest country. So, on the eve of Nepal collected from Hubei province 175 their students.

Over the suffering of the American passenger liner, Diamond Princess, that from February 5 is quarantined in Yokohama Japanese. From 3,5 thousand people on Board here has been sick every tenth, making the airliner the largest concentration of carriers of the virus outside of China. And here are the winners of U.S. passports go ashore.

– Now it’s time to join the large open world, so I have to wear a mask.

Meet them people in suits biological protection.

Your next step is to give a passport to this gentleman in yellow. He will give them to the people from the state Department. You will then take a bus that takes you to the plane, and the plane will take you to the United States. You will then receive your passport.

However, to evacuate the us government decided only those tourists who have no symptoms of the coronavirus. Cases of US citizens, and they have more than 40, will remain in Japanese hospitals.