The secret service, the Mail is piling up. Approximately 450 requests for Data access have private individuals since the beginning of the year, when the Federal intelligence service (NDB). The are about six times more requests than the average in a whole year.

The application-flood the Juso has triggered. The young socialists have blown a month ago for the “Offensive” against the floppy hats. Members were called to the NDB to ask, what data he has collected about you. The messenger service must respond to such requests by law, if not the special interests of secrecy against it.

SP-a politician is being spied on

the trigger for the action, the spying of the NDB against left-wing politicians and parties have become in the past months. So, the news service has sniffing, for example, the Bernese SP-national Council member Margret Kiener-Nellen (66) out. 70 Times the Name of the member of Parliament appears in the databases of the secret service. So the spies have documented that she has once taken by Kurdish activists and the Deputy Minister of white Russia was received.

“are The many entries to my Person, the expression of a hoarding for a news service. This is strongly reminiscent of the fiche affair of the 80s,” said Kiener-Nellen of the “Sunday newspaper”. The city of Berne, Juso is under observation of the agents.

“Überwachungswut has not diminished,”

“the Left have been monitored in the past,” said Juso-President Ronja Jansen (24). “The latest cases show that the Überwachungswut has not at all diminished.”

With the call they wanted to create clarity, who is the NDB has in its sights, says Jansen. Specifically, the young sozialistien trying to figure out whether climate strike will be monitored.

The allegation that the action was a revenge action against the secret service, to him as much as possible work to lumber, the Juso Head away from him. From a Facebook Post of the Juso city of Bern, but it is clear that at least some members of the action as a tit for tat reputation. It calls on the section to overwhelm the secret service””.

NDB in Stress

in fact, the NDB is the processing of the requests currently little more. In a letter to the applicant on Facebook has been published, informed the secret service that the answer to the question “is expected to take longer than the period of 30 days”. This is “due to the high number of processed requests for Information”, which was “received in the last weeks and months”.

At the request of a VIEW stresses the secret service, however, that the application-flood had no impact on its operational activities. The increase means more work for the news service, says spokeswoman Isabelle Graber. “But he does not stop the NDB to fulfil its mandate.”