German prosecutors are investigating Alice ryegrass, the group leader of the Alternative for Germany (AfD), due to an illegal campaign donation from Switzerland. Now the investigations have reached Switzerland. “A request for judicial assistance in the criminal proceedings of the Prosecutor’s office of Konstanz, against Alice ryegrass and other persons is now received, the Zurich public Prosecutor’s office,” confirmed a spokesman for the Supreme public Prosecutor’s office of Zurich to Sunday. On demand, what are the “other persons” in addition to ryegrass in the process, the authority is no information.

it is Still unclear to whom the donor of the 130 000 euros. The sender of the payments, a small Zurich-based pharmaceutical company, stressed that it had acted in a fiduciary capacity for a business friend. The Name of the donor was not revealed. The AfD-party tip as well as ryegrass assure you, you would not know the donor.

“It is to these and additional offences”

According to German law, donations from Non-EU countries are to German political parties illegal. It is a violation of the party law. Whether Switzerland will help the Germans so? Legal aid will only be granted if a matter is in this country a criminal offence. In Switzerland, party donations, but legal.

now, however, are the investigations of the German comprehensive: “It is to these and additional offences,” the spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office. What, exactly, he does not want to give on demand price.
fact: The “other facts” could increase the chances of getting legal aid. The Zurich prosecutors ‘ share with: “We will now consider the contents and make a legal assessment of the request.”