Against the opposition of US President Joe Biden, the US Congress has overturned the corona vaccination requirement in the country’s armed forces.

The US Congress has abolished the country’s corona vaccination requirement. The move came in connection with the $858 billion defense budget that was finally passed by the Senate on Thursday. Republicans in Congress had threatened not to approve the budget if the corona vaccination requirement was retained.

US President Biden had long opposed the abolition of compulsory vaccination, but in the end the Republicans won. According to the Pentagon, more than 8,000 military personnel have been discharged from the armed forces because they did not get vaccinated against Corona.

The text that has now been passed by the Senate leaves it up to the Ministry of Defense to decide whether the anti-vaccination opponents who have been dismissed from the troops are reinstated or not. The Republicans had originally called for their automatic reinstatement, but they could not get their way on this point.