The Ministry of Justice in Baden-Württemberg is asking Nancy Faeser’s Federal Ministry of the Interior to allow deportations to Afghanistan in specific cases. Faeser’s ministry has been blocked so far. It is specifically about an Afghan who raped a young girl in Illerkirchberg in 2019.

A dispute has broken out between the state of Baden-Württemberg and the Federal Ministry of the Interior of Nancy Faeser. The reason: The Minister of Justice of Baden-Württemberg Marion Gentges (CDU) wrote to Nancy Faeser personally and asked for the deportation to be approved as soon as possible in relation to specific cases. However, Faeser’s ministry is slowing down this approach. This emerges from the letter to Nancy Faeser, which is available to the “world”.

One of the convicted Afghans has been free since March 2022 and lives in Baden-Württemberg. Since then, the country’s authorities have been trying hard to get the man deported. But the Federal Ministry of the Interior is slowing down their plans.

In a letter dated October 12 to Nancy Faeser, Marion Gentges wrote: “I think it is essential that the deportations to Afghanistan of people who are dangerous and who have committed serious crimes are resumed quickly.” Since the Taliban took power, the federal government has been in charge no more repatriation to Afghanistan.

However, the federal government did not allow this, the letter says. According to the Ministry of Justice in Baden-Württemberg, Nancy Faeser has not yet answered the letter. At the technical level, however, it was announced that deportations to Afghanistan are still not taking place, writes the “Welt”.

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