It is a radical demand of the young Green With the Zersiedelungs Initiative, wants to freeze the offspring of the eco-the Size of the building zones. Somewhere eingezont a new building parcel must elsewhere be land ausgezont in the same Size.

Now the young Greens have found to be a prominent figurehead for her people and desire: the former Mr Switzerland and organic farmer Renzo Blumenthal (42) is promoting the Initiative. “Agricultural land has to much soft too often concrete. This has to stop”, the Grisons, had been awarded 14 years ago to the most beautiful Swiss.

Blumenthal is angry: Once upon a time would have browsed in his village Vella in the Bündner Oberland, the young cattle on the ground of the municipality. Today, the building would be there.

On 10. February is decided by the voting public at the ballot box on the Zersiedelungs Initiative of the young Greens. This requires a einzonung stop. This means that the total amount of The current land reserves may not continue to grow – new land can only be eingezont, if elsewhere, according to will ausgezont.

the first of The SRG-trend survey in December with 63 percent Yes and 29 percent no a clear advantage of the supporters.

The young Greens have tabled the Initiative in October 2016 with 135’000 signatures. Green, Juso, the Alpine initiative and other young people’s parties and organisations are supporting the referendum. The Parliament recommends the Initiative as well as the Federal Council without a counter-proposal to rejection.

“I’m upset, but mainly, if I’m going to the country,” said Blumenthal. “There the most beautiful spots to be pasted. And then you also still single-storey buildings in the countryside!”

Unusual: The party, Blumenthal is involved in order for the concern of the Left. “Actually, the SVP is to me the next. She has also worked very to me. But to me, it’s for a good cause. And here is the young Green have hit a nerve and quite right,” said Blumenthal.

“I vote Yes”

With his Weibeln for the Zersiedelungs Initiative is Blumenthal among the peasants away: Among other things, the Swiss farmers ‘ Association of the no has decided to Parole. It is the concern of the radical.

The young Greens have tabled the Initiative in October 2016 with 135’000 signatures. Green, Juso, SP (in part), Alpine initiative, Umverkehr and more young parties and organizations to support the referendum. The Parliament and the Federal Council shall reject the Initiative without making a counter proposal.

For the Ex-Mister Switzerland incomprehensible: “Is our country worth so little?!”, Blumenthal asks. “We stifle the natural with concrete! That’s why I put on 10. February is a Yes in the urn.”