The number of Single households is growing (LOOK told). You hit the high increase in the number of vacancies this year something out of it. Is not compensated for, the supply of rental housing, as well as the demand, therefore, but for a long time.

Currently, about 34’000 residential buildings are more empty than it is for removals, and new households are required. It is for the most part, to rental housing, such as the autumn report “Immo-Monitoring” by the consultants Partner Wüest shows.

The Situation will continue to In some regions, such as the upper Aargau, Solothurn, Mendrisio, TI, customs, and Biel will BE to worsen the Situation in the coming year Because there will be unrestrained is to be built, even though the vacancy rates are already above average. Overall, in 19 regions of Switzerland, the number of new building permits has increased again this year – despite high vacancy rates.

Why, for example, is built in the upper Aargau? Here, the vacancy rate for rental housing with 8.9 percent, well above the Swiss average of 2.7 percent. There are, according to Robert Weinert (40) of Wüest Partner for several reasons.

“real estate is currently, for many investors a very attractive investment”, the Immo-expert. Because investors lack the options to put your money in a different Form of some of the masses profitably. This is likely to remain for a few more years, especially as the level of interest rates at a record remains low.

The pressure on Rent increases

“is that the new construction often takes place on a green Meadow,” says Weinert. And those green spaces to be found above all in the regions referred to.

Although there is for the planned residential objects there is no demand? “Despite the high vacancy rates in these regions for new buildings can be well-suited,” says the expert. It is possible, for example, that the new building will be built at an attractive location with good access.

The Glut and the high level of housing production will lead in the coming year, according to the real estate Report to lower Rent. “In the case of the offered apartments, we expect a decline of 0.9 percent,” says Weinert.

Also, the reference interest rate falls

But even tenants with existing leases could be next year, in the enjoyment of falling Rents to come. The persistently low level of interest rates is likely to result in March 2020 to an adjustment in the reference interest rate from today’s 1.5 percent to 1.25 percent.

It would arise for tenants, a reduction in claim of 2.91 percent.