Renowned photographer Sergey Lidova was evicted from the Studio, and open the door

Several weeks of negotiations Sobolev with the staff of the Creative Union of artists of Russia has not brought success: the stuff of photographer eve was taken out of the workshop.

Lidov told “MK” that night the door of his Studio, which he rents for almost 40 years, was still opened and took out most of the belongings of the photographer, including valuable photos and paintings. Sergei Lvovich sure: opening the front door and the export of items by the employees of the TSHR.

“I am not leaving! I will fight to the end! The night my bags were Packed and taken away. Now the Studio sealed, old castle knocked, else install — says Dinos. — I called the police, but I think it’s useless. I should be meeting with Zurab Tsereteli, President of the Russian Academy of arts. I hope he will be able to influence the situation!”

the Conflict between Lidovy and TSHR began late last year when the photographer was expelled from the Union without telling him about it. Workshop, for which there is a war, belongs to all the documents of the TSHR. The Union provided Lidovou the right to use the premises for a long time, but now asked the photographer to urgently free up space.