Most of the renovation of the demolished houses – the typical five-story building, developed by the resource. Some of them were designed for 25 years, but they returned twice and came to the 50-60-year anniversary is almost in disrepair. But got into the program and houses built on individual projects or just of architectural interest, and to demolish them, of course, a pity.

“the preservation of the valuable from the architectural point of view buildings – a particular challenge – confirms the Chairman of Moskomarkhitektura Yuliana Knyazhevskaya. In Perovo will remain three such houses – one on the 3rd Vladimir street, and two Novogireevskaya. They are all brick, built on individual projects of Soviet architects in the 40-50-ies of XX century. These homes will be renovated and redeveloped for social and administrative institutions. Of course, they will add a special charm to the architectural ensemble”.

the House on 3rd Vladimirskaya street was built in 1948 – “the Stalin” with stucco, Dormer Windows in the attic and high ceilings. To let a house under the knife of a dredge sorry, but to live it is not easy – the “plaintive” the portal “Our town” the residents of the three-story building left messages about the constantly leaking roof, emergency Foundation and stairs. In UK say that you need to overhaul the apartment on the first floor, but the tenants have resettled. Now residents will be resettled in comfortable modern buildings, and their “Stalin” after repair will turn into a cultural center.

the situation is Similar in the district Falcon Mountain – there will remain two unusual houses. One Avenue Budyonny, 43, built in 1948 in the Stalinist neoclassical style – a strict block chetyrekhetazh and now attracts the eyes. And the second house on 5th street mount Falcon stands out columns for the input groups. These houses are planned to be relocated with further reconstruction and redevelopment under the children’s activity center and administrative office building. In all, the city will save more than 200 buildings included in the renovation programme.