Landscaping ponds that were suspended due to combat the spread of coronavirus infection, resumed. Now working tidy Udaltsova ponds in the area Vernadsky’s Prospectus, as well as a pond Fedoskino in Sochi, informs a portal of the mayor and government of Moscow.

As told in the press service of the Department of housing of Moscow, the preparatory work was carried out in March, all living creatures, inhabiting the waters, moved to the nearby ponds.

"Purified DNA from silt, preparations are underway for the device confining layer reservoirs, and also for repair of shore protection. After completion of the whole complex of construction works, the ponds will fill with water to required level", – said the press service.

Konikowska on a Small pond in the South, experts said the drop in water level due to a too-deep-lying groundwater and lack of natural recharge. Improvement works began in June.

"in Order to avoid the fall of the water level, the specialists will clean the bottom from silt and stow waterproof layer. The coastal strip will result in the order, will repair the contour path around the pond, and also planted flowers", – noted in a press-service of the Department of housing.

On the eve of the Transfiguration has been completed on the improvement of new recreation areas. The total improvement area amounted to about seven thousand square meters.