they withdrew, in order to find yourself. The US actress with Swiss roots, Renée Zellweger (50, “Bridget Jones”), what are you employed in the last years, describes: “I realized that I took care of myself. I was Last on my priority list.” You have recognized that you suffered from depression, and learned to separate their public persona from their real Self. Today, thanks to therapy, Yoga, and sports – the joy and Verve were back.

And she turns back with a passion. In the Film, “Judy” is Zellweger Comeback as American acting icon Judy Garland (†47). Garland sat down-Year-olds to 17-with the main role in the classic film “The wizard of Oz” is a cinematic monument. Unforgettable is how she sang the song “Over the Rainbow” in the hearts of generations.

“Judy” is 4. October in the framework of the Zurich Film Festival as a Gala Premiere shown and records the condition of Garland in the year 1968, which is to occur in London – marked by its Stimulants and sleeping pills addiction, the four divorces and financial problems. In the following year, the mother of Liza Minnelli (73), who says she dies: “she lived eight lifetimes in one.”

To sing at home with Renée Zellweger for their dogs –

Renée Zellweger, with her latest appearance as an Oscar favorite, says that your 50. Birthday as a rebirth experienced: “I have opened a new Chapter in my life and can discover scarcely to be expected, what it contains.” She was glad to have everything you’ve learned in your 20s and 30s, not even once through. You love to stand in front of the camera and to be at home: “I set myself to the piano and sing for my dogs, Chester and Nellie are my favorite songs.”

If the Oscar-winning actress (“Cold Mountain”) comes in for the Premiere in Zurich, is still open. “I hope that it works. It would be a nice opportunity for my St. Gallen’s Relatives again.”