the Gods should know that Hugo Helmig has lived a turbulent life, since he is in 2018, struck through with ‘Please don’t lie’. He stroked to the top of the charts for then to plunge to the bottom in 2019, when he acknowledged his addictions and cancelled all of its concerts.

But now he is back and mom is proud.

Friday will be published the record ‘Lulu, vol 1’, and on Instagram puts mother Renee Toft Simonsen words on the way there:

‘He has fought a great battle, and out of it came wonderful music lyrics – honest, loving and occasionally a little harsh, for such is life also.’

‘We’re proud of you,’ writes the former model on his Instagram profile, where she is also sharing a bite of one of his son’s music videos.

the Album ‘Lulu, vol 1’ contains six songs, including the titles ‘Curtains of my life’ and ‘Boys don’t cry’.

Thus facing the 21-year-old Hugo Helmig, son of Thomas Helmig, thus officially returned to the music scene after his break.

A pause, which among other things meant that he last year had to cancel his appearance at the Roskilde Festival. Here is the plan, however, he takes revenge in the year, where he will be playing at the festival 3. July.