To make an appointment with the eye doctor or the dermatologist, you must be patient. Half of the people who call in to one of these specialists get a consultation after more than seven weeks (exactly fifty-two days and fifty days). For a person in ten, this period can still be extended significantly, up to six months for an ophthalmologic consultation, according to the results of a study published on Monday 8 October by the ministry of health.

waiting times are, after the financial aspect, one of the major barriers to access to care. This is why the direction of research, studies, evaluation and statistics (Drees) has conducted this study by interviewing 21 700 persons in the cohort epidemiological Circumstances, a database of French volunteers solicited regularly for public health data.

Time of appointment : one-half of patients wait two days for a general practitioner, a month for a gynae and nearly two months for an ophthalmologist Duration between the initial contact and obtaining a consultation, which will be detailed in four groups : the first quarter of the ” lucky ones “, the median (50 % have an appointment faster, 50 % slower), the third quarter and 10 % more… ” patients “. Source : Drees Less than waiting for an emergency

No great surprise, it is faster to consult a general practitioner (in less than two days in half of the cases) or a pediatrician, specialists, who are most often contacted for follow-up appointments. However, the time is shorter if the patient has symptoms that appear or get worse : half of the patients found an appointment the same day with the gp, or in less than eight days to the dentist. On the other hand, even in case of an emergency, you will always have to wait thirty-four days on average to consult with the dermatologist.

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The size of the sample does not allow to draw a “mapping” specifies access to health care, but the survey shows clearly that it is better to live in Paris to get an appointment quickly (within fifteen days to the dentist, or twenty-nine at the eye doctor) in a rural town, where the time spend twenty-five days for the dentist, and seventy-six to an ophthalmologist.

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