Schweitzer’s daughter has developed magnificently. No, not a typo, that is Mean: Louis Schweitzer, Renault’s CEO in 2005 and one of the initiators of the small electric car Zoe. The name of the company to legend, contributed to his eponymous daughter. The five-seater sold well six years after its launch, still with rising Numbers. For 2019 product Manager Elisabeth Deval expected an increase of 43 percent compared to last year, Zoe is the European best-selling E-cars.

Looks still fresh from

Therefore, the new Generation is coming in November 2019 in Switzerland, the outside has hardly changed: “The customer will see the Design is still fresh,” says Deval. LED headlights, new rear lights, larger air intakes for the cooling of the battery during Charging, and fog lights – the wars. However, the Logo is larger, because under his door, a new fast-charger-adaptor for 50 kilowatts (kW) lurks.

More power, greater battery

And under the sheet metal? Everything is new, from the chassis via the brake system up to the battery and the Motor. The now 136 HP, the air cooled and, thus, at 325 kg more lightweight battery 52 pounds of supplies, watt hours for up to 390 miles of range according to the current WLTP cycle. Loads on the household electrical outlet overnight, with 11 kW, it creates within two hours of energy for 120 km and with 50 kW, they sucked in power for 150 km in 30 minutes. Despite the 25 percent more capacity of the battery fits into the same chassis as the predecessor: “the Four percent minimum Changes to deliver to the battery chemistry, the Rest of an optimized control system in the case of controls,” says Deval.

high quality interiors

however, This means that The rear bench sits still on the battery and thus significantly higher than the front seats. The headroom is reduced. For a lot of hard plastic has been replaced by soft surfaces, the seat materials are recycled from old textiles, and belts, and instead of an analogue Display there are standard digital instruments and a 10-inch Monitor in the middle. So Zoe actually acts more Mature than in the past.

The prices are not fixed yet. Renault wants to continue in the future, to its concept with a leased battery.