Recently, Renault has made with its Ex-CEO Carlos Ghosn headlines. Over three months he was in Japanese custody. The allegation: breach of trust in office. On Wednesday he came free against the payment of a Deposit of the equivalent of 9.5 million Swiss francs, and obligations such as rules for cell phone and computer use, and a surveillance camera at the front door.

the first appearance of the new chief

But Renault’s course other set for a long time. For example, design chief Laurens van den Acker, who unveiled the new Clio is the first model of the next Renault-Generation. Or Gilles Normand, who is responsible for the electric strategy at Renault. And, of course, Thierry Bolloré, the new CEO at Renault. By the end of March, the internal investigations against his predecessor to be completed. But: “We have found no misconduct,” says Bolloré to Bloomberg.

let’s start in China

With the Zoe, the best-selling E-car in the Switzerland of 2018, was one of the pioneers Renault 2012 electric. The brand is losing the edge? “No. In the autumn, we are launching in China, the production version of the study, K-ZE, with 260 kilometres of range,” says Normand. Why in China? “Two-thirds of all E sold cars in the world.” Maybe it will be offered later in Europe. With a new electric platform in cooperation with Nissan Renault to offer, by 2025, over 80 percent of all segments for an electric car.

Plug-in Hybrids for many models of

About Plug-in Hybrids to Charge at the outlet. “Also in the Clio,” says Normand. While the other petrol models, resumed subsequently electric, Renault, the other way: “We Supplement with an electric drive with a 200 Volt battery power with a gasoline engine for longer range.” In the city is supposed to be Plug-in Clio to 80 percent of electric-on-the-go.