Renauld of da Vinci from the Siberian Palestine

From the file “MK”

Biographical information: Rena Jalovecka — film critic, film historian. Worked as Vice-rector of Higher courses for scriptwriters and Directors. The author of the magazines “Soviet screen”, “cinema Art”, “Panorama” (United States). Author of collections of poems and short stories, five years ago, started to paint with watercolors. The Foreword to her first book of drawings and verses of “Fools” was written by the famous animator Yuri Norstein.

Rena K., what do you do who feel?

When I painted my first book, my big mate, big well-known film critic and cinema historian (Naum Kleiman. — I. B.), ironic said: “the Movie was, literature was (he wrote the book), now draw… Maybe you and Opera arias start to sing?” and called me Renauld da Vinci” (laughs). But seriously, I like the Cheburashka, which could not determine that it is a beast… I don’t know who I am anymore: a writer, film critic, film historian, artist?.. This, of course, funny…

How long have you started to draw?

— It happened completely unexpectedly. In 2015 I was invited to Siberian book fair in native Krasnoyarsk. I had to present my first book — a trilogy under the title “the Siberian of Palestine.” I have identified the children’s sector, because in the books there was quite a lot of children’s stories. The pavilions were equipped as fabulous theatrical space, and I took the room of the Hatter from the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland”. Siberian children that came in groups of 10-15 people, all day wondering how to be a writer, and I asked them another question: what are the qualities of a real writer? And I agree with their judgment: imagination, education, the ability to teach and, most importantly, the children were aged 5 to 14 years. Very funny, relaxed and totally sincere — they weren’t afraid of me, and I’m not afraid of them. At these meetings we drew a lot: I — kings and Queens, jesters and clowns, and they answer me — Terminators and heroes of American animation. I returned home with a stack of drawings and children’s and their own. It’s funny how I succeed, then I thought, and began to develop in this direction. But in fact it was for me, the pampering, home occupation.

— what you did? In what technique?

— First, a black marker, then replace it on the school watercolor “honey”. They are easily laid down on paper. Began to experiment with different formats: drawing in the Yearbook and on small pieces of paper for notes. Something began to happen. Once on a visit to my friends came and asked him to give them some drawings. The same company we went to the house to Yuri Borisovich Norstein, with whom I was friendly with the youth. Tea party pictures accidentally fell out of the bag. “Did you draw that? — revived Norstein. — And you never learn?!” No, of course, except school Newspapers, I never drew! We silently finished his tea, and then Yuri called me unexpectedly and said that I have very funny drawings, and we have to give them multiples — let me see what I can do. Of course, I was amazed, began to apologize: “Sorry, I uploaded these stupid drawings…” To which he replied that if they were stupid, he wouldn’t have to deal with them: “they have originality”.

This assessment could not fail to inspire!

— Yes, more responsibly, I continued to draw clowns and other circus performers — jugglers, gymnasts, trained animals — from elephants to small sobachat. Then my friend Tanya Frank, the daughter of a famous documentary filmmaker Herz Frank, filedand me the idea: “these figures need poetry.” The poems I wrote, but to specifically to the drawings… I tried and deprived of sleep all his friends, began to ring them at dawn and to read my quatrains:

the cat Vaska from Liski stole sausages,

Shame Liska thief-pussy:

“Trust the cat to Bob I

That’s what confusion!”

And each time I encouraged.

Your drawings is clickomania some. Is it love or unfulfilled dream?

— you Know, growing up in grade 3-4, we had the craze for the circus. To us in Krasnoyarsk came the tent and we like crazy went to all their performances. I took my mom a scarf made turban was depicted as a magician and juggler at the same time: threw the Cup, caught, they were broken… Then we were jumping with umbrellas from the second floor. Then I dreamed of becoming a clown, and after a short time — at all… a midget! That one was a real attraction! Decided for the sake of it to stop growing. And since I was at the end of the line, it seemed that the dream about to be realized. I so loved the circus that was willing to even cut the role of women in the attraction of illusionists!

What happened?

I grew up, I started going to music school and drama Studio, playing in Amateur theatricals. Later, it was the philological faculty of the Krasnoyarsk pedagogical Institute, then — the Moscow film history faculty of VGIK. I wholeheartedly loved the movie, and the circus gradually “floated”. Only the films of Bergman and Fellini with jesters and clowns brings me back to my childhood, to my beloved Wednesday. And now, after a lifetime my book, “Fools” (published by “White crow”, with the support of the Foundation “MYTH”) became an ardent Declaration of love to the circus.

— Another proof that love is a fickle thingI. There is a new love of cinema, and farewell to the circus?

— Anton Chekhov once said, “If you want to insult a man, walk up close to him, look him in the eye and say, “Sir, you are the reviewer!” So, for years I was the reviewer and literary critic. And then I remembered his Siberian childhood and began to write books, going from cinematic to literary workshops. But the movies have left: for 15 years I was the rector of the Higher directing and screenwriting courses. It was a great time: I met a marvelous kinohudozhnika, Vladimir Motyl, Vladimir Menshov, Alexey Herman, Sergei Smirnov, Alla Surikova, Irakli Kvirikadze… I still keep in touch with the Higher courses, watch student films, write reviews of my thesis in General, will not leave.

Just have a new hobby?

— This oddity that occurred suddenly in my life art Plast… in a day or two starts to torture me some anxiety. I understand that I somehow bad, I’m dissatisfied with something… Then I sit down at the table, take a watercolor brush and begin feverishly to draw. I noticed that the painted animals have a special magic, they are attached to the heroes. Go, say, the wandering musicians, and then after them, geese or dogs. And runs some kind of cat or sits on a shoulder bird… Such unpredictable things happen. Don’t know, someone who connects with whom. Perhaps this is the secrets of artistic creation, so to speak pompously.

— did the development of Norshtejna?

— Received. Being an extremely busy man, Norstein wrote the Foreword to my book, “Fools”. Just a gift of fate! As for the animation, everything is at work.

— Heard that recently you have masteredand computer, go online and conduct their social networks. Easy is given you?

I’m a technocratic absolute moron. When I first saw a computer in my spine ran cold. But my grandson three years ago said, “You tormented me, when I was preparing for exams the exam, and now I will try to teach you. What are you, grandma, even academic hour will not stand?..” Can’t say that exclusively possess all the functions, but I go to the Internet, you can get the right information, someone texting, talking on Skype, you know what a flash drive. I have even in the book there is a clown by the name of flash Drive I dedicated her one of his favorite poems.

Yes, you are an example for his generation, which with rare exceptions even to approach the modern technique is not at risk…

— it seems to Me that people my age need to live in today’s era. Not to say: “Here before…” Once you Supreme Being left on this earth — so come in this age, take the new trends, listen to not only his contemporaries, but also the peers of their sons and grandchildren. I would never say: “What a terrible way to gone young!” — it’s all a myth! I see absolutely wonderful, talented, bright, original people, which were not next to me when I was young. For girls, who during the war was studying in the oil lamp because the light is lit only in the evening, and then not always, extravaganza of today’s world — a miracle. Progress so far stepped — nobody could imagine! Therefore, it is necessary to live and believe that humanity does not destroy itself, and will choose the path dreamed of educators. In every generation there are idealists, and I think they move the world forward.

what do you have today a priority: theater, cinema, exhibitions?

— Now there is a loud exhibition of Salvador Dali, but I was lucky enough to see it all Spain — in the House-theatre of Dali in Figueres, exhibitions in Barcelona and other cities. But maybe Moscow too, I will. By the way, recently was at the exhibition a wonderful animator Andrei Khrzhanovsky at the Museum of photography. He gathered in one space sketches of the artists with whom he worked. Getting great pleasure.

A movie?

— Tired! (Laughs.) We watch movies almost every Thursday, and it often inspires hope. Of the latter, like the film “Kerosene” is an interesting, dark, but very truthful and poignant; for him, our graduates received the prize of the critics “White elephant”. Great job IKE in our graduate Sergey Palace, winner of many international festivals. The film — about the fate of migrants in Russia and Moscow. Such a tragic story, beautifully filmed and without any giveaway. In General, we with all of our graduates keep in touch.

— A theater event to attend?

— the Brightest theatrical impression of the latest is a performance of “Flint” in the theater of Teresa Durova: wonderful, magical, with Andersen air charm! Despite the fact that now there are no witches and such soldiers, no kings and Queens, and the meaning and love remain. And wonderful connection in this performance all the arts: music, sculpture, and comics in set design, manner of acting, imagination of the Director, these emissions of humour and replicas… E.g. funny, when the servant who lives in the state of Denmark, suddenly goes behind the scenes, dancing lezginka. And the actors are so lightweight, plastic — noiseless and fluttering.

Why don’t you call their first love — the circus.

— I have not been to the circus, live memories of him.

— I can Not ask the artist about the plans…

— Everything is groundless, but the most wonderful plants prozrasta when they have no soil. I want to make a book with pictures about a wandering Jewish musicians — klezmers the. They came with their violins, trumpets, cymbals, drums in the towns where lived the Jewish poor, to fair, weddings, and just for some festival — and turned them into Islands of joy. The folk element in them was very strong. After all, music always brings people joy, it’s such a vitamin. I’ve never met these musicians, but I draw them. Artists and people of imagination, they don’t have something to see.

I Hope my new book will still be released, but so far publishers in a queue are not. And I think that it will serve as the basis of the exhibition. Big audacity to dream about this… But I always dream!