on Monday evening launched gjenbruksappen Tise a competition where participants could win clothes inspired by the brand Yoik.

Clothes to be able to win had the iconic Yoik logo on it. This is the logo of the well-known brand that has been in the Norwegian butikkhyller from the 60’s.

In connection with a change of packaging entered the also a collaboration with Tise. This is an application for the purchase and sale of used clothing online.

After several negative comments, selected Tise to remove the Yoik-the image on Monday evening on Instagram. The competition is still in progress inside the application, even if the image is removed.

Tise is a Norwegian marketplace for retroklær and interior. Jenny skavlan talkshow is one medeierne in the popular bytteapplikasjonen.

COOPERATION: how To see the competition out the inside of the Tise its application. This is not removed at the time of writing.

Photo: Screenshot Tise / Bildemontasje: Anders internationally best-known Verstad – Respect our culture

– It’s about respecting our culture and our right to define ourselves and how we are portrayed, ” says Christina Hætta which is the leader in kulturavdelingen in the council.

the council is a political organization that promotes the sámi in Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden

They believe the Yoik-the seal depicts a stereotypical representation of the sámi, and they reduce to caricatures and mytefigurer.

PROVOKES: – We are certainly stronger feelings in this matter because it is not the first time that we are experiencing so stereotypisering, ” says Christina Hætta.

Cultural appropriasjon

the Parties are now in meetings about what they are to do with the collaboration further.

“do you Plan on many collections with caricatures of minorities”, were among the reactions under the post.

It was Aurora who first publicized the case.

Several comments pointed to cultural appropriasjon. This is a term that implies that something is taken from one culture and put into another.

It can be a person who belongs to a majoritetskultur and acquire something from a culture from a minority.

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Artist and social commentator Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen, also known as from the band ISÁK, has also thrown himself into the discussion.

She go hard out against the Yoik and Nortura and pray they change both name and logo.

– They have changed the packaging, but not the discriminatory design, ” says Hætta to their Instagram followers.

Inside the competition could be win tight-fitting tops, magetopper and hats with Yoik logo on it.

does NOT make SENSE: Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen asks Nortura to change their name and logo on Yoik-its product.

Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad / NRK “60-century stereotypes”

Hætta in the council believe matvaren hear a thing of the past.

“We are the sámi people want us away from the 60-century stereotypes and joikabollene (with only 17 % reindeer meat) is on the to-do-list”, she wrote under the Tise-post.

BEFORE AND AFTER: how To see the old packing out (to the left) and the more environmentally friendly pappversjonen which was released earlier in the year.

Photo: Håkon Vårhus Saw / NRK

the council is asking now Tise to scrutinize the whole campaign.

Tise has not responded to The inquiries. To the newspaper Nordlys have they answered this in a mail:

“We chose to pull Instagram-post when it came out some comments that this was seen as cultural appropriasjon and that many felt hurt and violated. We want certainly not to hurt anyone and chose rather to remove this post quite quickly,” writes marketing director of Tise, Victoria Hawk, in an e-mail to the newspaper.

NRK has been in contact with Nortura behind matvaren Yoik. They have not commented on the collaboration at the present time.