In the autumn and Winter we wrap ourselves in thick wool sweaters, cozy scarves or fluffy coats. But with the warm clothes is also annoying companion: lint come! Suddenly they are everywhere, and we don’t even know how they form at all. It’s not that bad, but look at the small nodules just ugly.

quick and easy the lumps with a lint roller or electric lint shaver to remove. Anyone who does not have anything to Hand, you can use the following seven tips to get the troublemakers to get them out.

to Properly wash

The A’s and O’s the right thing to Wash, so that lint in the first place can make. The Laundry should be turned upside down and the inner side to the outside washed. It is also important that all the zippers are closed.

pot cleaner sponge

Are littered with the dresses with lint, also helps the right Wash, nothing more. You will quickly notice that you get rid of even with increased washing cycles the lumps. Since one of these yellow can help-green sponges that you use for Cleaning pans and pots. The abrasive sponge should be moistened, so as to have more Grip. Subsequently, with the yellow side of the unused sponge with caution on the affected area. The lint should be solved in the blink of an eye and the sponge stick.

ladies tights

a simple nylon pantyhose can help fluff the story belonging to The leg apparel, just about the Hand to put on and so easy on the fluff-filled textiles swipe.

rubber gloves

For this Trick all you need is a rubber glove. The affected piece of clothing smoothly spread and in the glove slot Hand for a strong friction to worry about. By the rubber of the fuel charges electrically, and the lint loose, stay on the glove to stick.

disposable razors

caution is necessary Here, because the fabric might be easily damaged. You take a razor slowly and carefully over the affected area. Make sure that the Material is smooth to spread and do not wrinkle. The garment should be kept during the whole procedure tight, so that the Material is not damaged. So the nodule can be shaved off easily!

duct tape

Pretty simple: you Wrap your Hand with some duct tape and go over the fabric. The fluff sticking to them. You can wrap the tape to a wall of wood and the piece of clothing to.


The lint, you can also comb out. With a fine-tooth comb just to the affected areas, and take away the annoying companion comb. But here, too, special care is required, so that the Material is not damaged.

How to form lint?

Everyone has to fight with them during the cold months: lint make all sorts of wool clothing wide. Why is this so? The lumps caused by friction, this can occur during the Wear, or in the washing machine. It fibers, the knot and the annoying lint, form loosen. Usually, short-fibrous and synthetic substances are particularly susceptible, but the fluff to make anybody really stop. The nodules on the clothes is also called Pilling.