Program Director of the world health organization (who) emergency health Michael Ryan called places that might become new foci of coronavirus. His words leads to “the Russian newspaper”.

He expressed concern over the lack of opportunities to observe hand hygiene in many schools. So, according to the who, last year, 43 percent of schools around the world did not even have the simple equipment for washing hands with soap and water.

“the School can become a risk for the emergence of new outbreaks of infection since the beginning of the school year,” said Ryan.

He also reminded that the majority of the world’s population still vulnerable to coronavirus. Ryan noted that to calculate the attenuation of the epidemic in determining population immunity to the coronavirus premature, because too few people globally had COVID-19.

In this regard, who insist on the need to observe measures to protect against infection. So, people need to wear medical masks in enclosed spaces and crowds, respect the social distance and to avoid visiting crowded places.

Earlier, the head of the who Tedros Aden Gebreyesus called the cost of combating coronavirus. According to experts, it would cost $ 100 billion. He also added, currently who need another 31.3 billion dollars. The money will be spent on accelerating of the development, production and purchase of assets from COVID-19.