Remote mode and strict measures: residents of China to demonstrate the iron discipline

the Number of those who were able to overcome the disease, growing all over the world now — recovered for more than five thousand. In Beijing announced that the new sick today became less. To prevent the spread of infection, and the Chinese authorities and the inhabitants themselves show discipline and take the most stringent measures.

“you See, it is written: “Without masks did not serve.” All couriers should be. And we are calmer, and clients” — all conversations strictly through the gap. In the window of the issuance of orders of special anti-epidemic regime. On delivery service now, because many on the Beijing streets, if you go out, you max to a nearby store. On top of one masks the second one.

a wide variety of ways come up with the Chinese in order to minimize any human contact and keep each other at a distance. For example, in a single place that sells traditional Chinese buns turned out, the seller just takes and pulls them to buyers across the Board. The money you put in attached to a long stick, the bucket, the change back to him.

Raids spetsbrigada makes the apartments with a single question: “have you been during the vacation in Hubei?”. When of the 22 million inhabitants of the Chinese capital, a third are migrants from the provinces, and many have returned, is the strictest control. For trying to hide the fact of reason, especially illness, will face criminal responsibility.

and Now in Beijing is not what the neighborhood, and the yard will not come — it is necessary to check that there were no others — suddenly someone virus entered.

long because of the epidemic break is officially over, but many companies are not even allowed, and demanded that the employees prior to March worked from home. Remote mode functions in offices, schools. Only those who do not work have simply not mhow, for example, the creators of the vaccine (they have already started testing on animals), producers of medicines and masks (they are in emergency mode now release even the factories).

As stated in the health Committee, the number recovered from coronavirus COVID-19 exceeded 10 percent of all cases, but it was a little more than one. Optimistic, but not enough to stop the epidemic.

Wuhan pulled together by volunteers. Volunteer Zhang Junshan said:

I brought two cans with a disinfectant, twenty liters each. Diluted one to one hundred. I also brought two hundred masks.

Patients with a mild form sent to home quarantine or in hotels. In one such pass Express tests: swab tests, the test tube sealed, the clothes are treated, and then people quarantined in rooms.

To raise the morale of patients in Wuhan hospitals practicing traditional dances from the medical staff. Typically, these were in the evenings in all Chinese parks, but not to events. Sporting events are canceled, one after another, and now from the Grand Prix of Formula 1 in China decided to give up. The only thing in China no doubt, so it is in the Olympics in 2022 — this time the virus will definitely win. And the abolition of the ceremony of the start of the countdown to the Beijing Olympic games is not a reason to cancel the construction of Olympic facilities.