Eerie discovery in Mexico: investigators met with 35 human Remains. They had been tied up at the time of her murder. Two bodies have so far been identified. The number of victims could still rise, said the state’s attorney Gerardo Octavio Solís. “We are digging more than three metres deep,” said Solís.

according to him, were discovered in addition, in the second-largest Mexican city of Guadalajara, seven human skulls and other body parts. Another body had been found in the town of Tlajomulco, in the courtyard of a residential building.

About 400’000, Missing

In Mexico, where violence by the drug cartels, is widely used to apply more than 400’000 people missing. You would, in all probability, dead. The relatives of the Missing turned up after the discovery of the graves to the authorities in Jalisco, to learn more about the discovered bodies.

First, on Friday a large number of women had reminded the Mexican mother’s day with protest marches to the unresolved fate of their missing children. In 16 cities, mothers, family members and activists took to the street in order to make the failure of the government in education. Alone in the capital, Mexico city, around 2000 people took part. Many held photos of Missing persons in the amount.

critics accuse the since December President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to do enough against the violence in the country. In just the first three months of the year in Mexico, more than 8,900 murders were registered, as many as never before to the beginning of the year. In the state of Jalisco, there were according to the authorities 720 murders committed between January and March. (SDA)