Remaining unemployed man sells his clothes

Philip began to sell off their personal belongings. The king of pop remaining the epidemic of the coronavirus without touring and corporate events, announced that it is launching a website where you can buy his clothes, as from everyday life, and “exclusive items from the famous dressing room”. Part of the money, however, the singer promises to give to charity, and the rest, apparently, will try to survive somehow.

The post Kirkorov immediately responded to the producer Andrey Razin. He claims that his prediction comes true about the plight of the stars of Russian pop Philip Bedrosovich proof. According to the Creator of “Tender may”, the celebrities not only had to cancel performances, but also to return all the payment for the show, after suffering significant losses.

“in Addition to compliance with home quarantine, (the artists) are now forced to contain a huge army of their subordinates, as well as maids and servants. Therefore, they have nothing else to do but to sell their personal belongings,” said Razin.

He was sure that a month later, another example will be followed by Kirkorov and Alla Pugacheva and Valery Leontiev and other stars.

“I Think that then go diamonds, jewelry, and after that it will begin selling the homes. So, watch out for news in this sphere”, – said the producer.