It is a slap in the face for the SVP leadership to Blocher and co.: SVP-national Council member Diana Gutjahr (35) and SVP national Council Thomas Hurter (55) return of the SVP Initiative the back. “I’m going to abstain in the vote on the limiting Initiative on the next Wednesday of the voice,” say the two in unison to LOOK.

There are words with explosive force! In a month the elections will be held. The SVP is according to surveys carried out under pressure and tries by all means, the issue of immigration closed to the Public.

is Not closed for SVP-core-theme

On Monday she had a big opportunity: About six hours, the Council debated their new Immigration Initiative. This does not require explicitly the termination of the free movement of persons with the EU, if a peaceful termination to succeed. Next Wednesday, the speech battle continues – followed by the vote.

And then at least opt out of two of SVP-politicians and the Initiative to turn away. You can also send a signal to the voters – by not show, that the Federal house group stands closed for the all-important core issue of the people’s party.

Gutjahr: “Want to look with a good feeling in the mirror”

“I stand by my opinion and want to be able to look with a good feeling in the mirror four weeks before the elections,” says the Thurgauerin Gutjahr. You have to be against the Initiative, “from economic to political Considerations,” reservations, on the other hand, the increasing immigration aware of it. “The bilateral agreements are important for Switzerland,” says the entrepreneur. However, since only six were of more than 120 bilateral agreements at risk, leave it and one abstention.

“The bilateral approach is the silver bullet,” says the Schaffhausen SVP-man Hurter his abstention. Switzerland is a highly interconnected country, which is why good foreign relations are important. As an example, the Swiss-an airline pilot called the air transport agreement with the EU, which could be terminated with a ‘ Yes ‘ to the desire, perhaps.

Hurter: “The Switzerland of damage”

would “This would damage Switzerland”, warns Hurter. Finally, there is in this country, more than 10 000 international companies and organizations, and every third Tourist to come with the freedom of movement agreement, Switzerland.

Both of them emphasize that they would share the goal of the SVP to limit immigration. Therefore, they would abstain and not say no. “The Mediterranean country is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. Switzerland is one of the 8.5 million inhabitants. We will soon come to our limits,” says Hurter.

use for less immigration

Gutjahr, the company’s duty to reduce immigration. “Foreign workers coming to Switzerland, should receive a temporary residence permit. This is so that you do not remain in unemployment in Switzerland and from the social system can benefit.”

Less immigration, Yes. But not via limitation Initiative, and the termination of the free movement of persons. With this confession so soon before the elections, the two will be in the party for ordinary vortices. Hurter disagrees: “Even if the Public often have a different impression – you are allowed to have in the SVP very well have a different opinion.”