It was the 33-year-old Tirhas Tekle Kiflay who was found dead in the shoreline of Trondheim on Tuesday. Police release the name of the woman in consultation with her family.

Kiflay was found by a fisherman on a slope, next to a well known fishing spot in the area of Trolla. Police believe she died as a result of external violence, and charged with the woman’s husband Tuesday night.

Indictees have been in two politiavhør, last Wednesday night, but refuses straffskyld. Defender Kolbjørn Lium says the man took the message that his wife was dead with shock.

Husband charged with murder after the discovery of dead woman

SIKTEDES DEFENDER: Kolbjørn Lium is a defender for the man who is charged with having murdered his wife, Tirhas Tekle Kiflay.

Photo: Kirsti Kringstad / NRK the Police got under

on Thursday, the 34-year-old husband of Kiflay produced for varetektsfengsling in the South-Trøndelag district court.

the Prosecutor Bente Bøklepp, asked if varetektsfengsling in four weeks, two of the weeks in full isolation, the letter and besøkskontroll and medieforbud.

the Police got fully dismissed in the district court in the claim about varetektsfengsling until 7. may, the letter and besøkskontroll and full isolation the first two weeks, besides the prohibition against the news media.

the Court emphasized a nearby danger that evidence could be lost if the offender was not detained, then the police are completely in the initial phase of the investigation.

Defender Lium says to NRK after fengslingsmøtet that persons accept custody because he will give the police time to investigate the case.

– He has the understanding of the police needs to investigate it, and consider it as an advantage to be in custody, so it does not raise any doubt that may affect the investigation in any way, ” says Lium.

Police are investigating suspicious deaths in Trondheim

FENGSLINGSMØTET: Fengslingsmøtet in the South-Trøndelag district court on Thursday. Defender Kolbjørn Lium (t.h), judge Eirik Lereim and the prosecutor Bente Bøklepp.

Photo: screenshot of Closed doors

the Police asked about the closed doors, referatforbud and that the restoration of the ruling also is prohibited.

the Parties, including defendant, were present in the courthouse, while the press followed the meeting digitally. At the start of the fengslingsmøtet told the press about the open doors and the abolition of referatforbudet that apply in fengslingsmøter.

the Court decided that there still should be referatforbud, but that the press can follow fengslingsmøtet.

the Police accepted after the referee’s review that the ruling may be published.

FOUND IN STEEP TERRAIN: the Woman was found in the area behind the stones marked with red circle in the image. Indication of the place is based on a comparison between the multiple images and are not necessarily completely accurate.

Photo: Bjarte Johannesen / NRK Got more tips

Police do not know if Kiflay was taken life by the shore where she was found, and the investigator therefore several possible crime scenes. The family residence is among the locations being examined.

– the Result of ransakelsene is too early to say anything about, both because we are early in the investigation, and because we are still waiting for a response on the technical investigation, says the prosecutor, politiadvokat Bente Bøklepp.

It is the information from the preliminary autopsy report, which makes the police believe firebarnsmoren is killed.

After that the police asked people about tips, there has been multiple sightings and some witnesses have also signed up, tells Bøklepp.

KRIMTEKNIKERE: Krimteknikere worked Thursday in the house of the dead woman and charged her husband.

Photo: Bjarte Johannesen / NRK Leaves behind four children

Tirhas Tekle Kiflay came to Norway from Eritrea in 2011. She has four minor children, two of them with the charged husband.

Kiflay had been gone from her home since Saturday 28. march, when she was reported missing by a family member 5. april.

the Child welfare service has taken care of the woman’s children, and Sigrun Dybvad has been appointed as children’s lawyer. Three of the children will be Thursday in structured questioning at the request of the police.

EXAMINE the RESIDENCE: Krimteknikere examines the residence of the defendant and the deceased.

Photo: Bjarte Johannesen / Norwegian broadcasting corporation