FOCUS Online Mr. Geisel, you have criticized the hard-line stance of the Federal government and the länder in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. What bothers you here?

Thomas Geisel: The ban was not a criticism, as such, to the current Contact. From my point of view, we need to make us but now already thinking about it, and the conditions under which we can take as public life again. So far, one could gain the impression that many Responsible outbid in it, with even more drastic measures, the freedom of movement of the Individual to restrict more. From my point of view, should be to identify the people from the risk groups, i.e. in particular the Elderly with pre-existing conditions, and to protect effectively. At the same time we have to go to the medical capacity, and so, in particular, the number of beds on the intensive care units, high to be for a growing number of patients prepared. Finally, it is also, according to the virologists to not have to do anything to overtax the health care system.

düsseldorf, WHETHER about his exit strategy

FOCUS Online : what is your exit strategy, particularly in relation to the younger generations?

hostage: , young people need not be so protected, because, as a rule, only a very low risk for these generations of the Virus. Incorrectly have me in this context critics to treat the old and the young citizens ‘ unequal. Conversely, a Shoe out of it is accompanied only by The basic law, treated the same equally and unequal unequally. Means: Those with a high life risk, need to be protected, and those in which the danger exists, just not to the same extent. The core question is therefore: How do I organize the protection for the at-risk groups? My impression is that the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn seems to be now on this line swung. Reuters/Fabian shrub/dpabild düsseldorf’s mayor, Thomas Geisel, gives a statement to the press.

FOCUS Online Some experts are predicting a months-long Shutdown. The Government officials and physicians to spread a lot of panic?

hostage: You should think, what is the meaning of such a months-long Shutdown. I’m afraid that the collateral would be damage with all of its economic, social and human consequences are enormous. Solely with the issue of domestic violence, a significant increase from now. If we don’t let out the people, if the events fail, all Local and recreational facilities are closed, then cabin fever is produced quickly – especially in the case of people living together in a confined space.

And the economic consequences will be severe. Many livelihoods are already threatened, such as in gastronomy, the hotel industry, with organizers of Events, trade fairs, small farms – which cover everything with a thin capital. Since bankruptcies threaten quickly. Although the Federal government and the country have pledged generous financial aid. But the longer the period lasts, the harder it will be to keep distressed firms from Ruin.

“prohibition must of course be sanctioned with fines,”

FOCUS Online Is the NRW state government with the imposed ban on Contact in addition to a criminal – and fine-catalog, right?

hostage: at The present time, it is certainly true, by contact with the infection prohibition to minimize risk. This is also the correct character to raise awareness around the hazards. And such a prohibition must of course be sanctioned with fines.

FOCUS Online Now, many hope that the authorities will loosen the contact prohibition after the Easter holidays already. Would you follow that?

hostage: From my point of view, Much speaks in favour of it. And then, if it is possible to protect the at-risk groups and medical capacities according to boot. Then you should at least open the kindergartens and schools. Especially for children and young people from the Virus, only a very low risk.

FOCUS Online Meanwhile, criticism of the confusing data available on the number of the Infected, how does this look in practice?

hostage : The dark figure is in my view likely to be much higher than thought. It is especially those Infected, which is unlikely to have formed symptoms. Of therefore, is and remains the big Unknown: Who had the Virus already, without that he knew to have been infected with the Virus? It would be helpful if we could generate in the next few weeks, a more reliable data.

Four possible scenarios: researchers describe how this Virus will change the world of PCP can be Four possible scenarios: researchers describe how the Virus in the world

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