“When this is all over, we are going to be the number of births and the divorce rate is allowed to count”, it is today sometimes said to be. Seven days a week to stay at home, it can be the ideal way in order to get the best out of the relationship. Or in the worst case. But Goedele Liekens (57) and is ready to give us good advice in the ” Hot up in your room’.

Due to the corona virus will be in the coming weeks we have more time than ever before with our partners, to spend. It can be a frustration, but in accordance with Goedele Liekens, are no more than real issues. Points for attention where they would like to help you out. In the Hot in your room. , the latest in a series of online initiatives, from Four to Five, the therapist and the seksuologe, exercises, and tips to make it in a time of crisis, if they are closer to one another. “Because we care more for ourselves than ever before”, says. “But what if the relationship comes to it, we are the Flemish people. By that I mean: lack of communication. If you just would like to see it, it can be done automatically. Not to do so. Just as we have to have a trainer or a dietician, go to our love-life is also better to focus on it. To learn how to communicate, for example.

losing, that we already have heard about it, know that even affect her. “However, time is important in a relationship, but it must be in the right way. If you mount an argument that goes back to. If you have the whole day to close on to each other, is, that, sooner or later, once again come to the fore. In order to fix it, you need to learn the practical arrangements. Pointing of the phrases, such as you are not helping enough in the household. or y < / I> e are not a good dad. to each other’s head, throwing it doesn’t help the situation move forward. Go and have a quiet moment together in the chair, sit down, and tell them in concrete terms what your requirements are. What, exactly, would you want your partner to do to help around the house? What are the tasks? How often? When? Write it down, if necessary. Negotiate as if you were in a business conversation.”

you can Get there during the course of that conversation are other things at the top? Make a note of them, but enough to keep you right on that one. One of the subject at the same time. “As a rule, that, sexually, are, latch on to it. Now, let’s say you have a partner, in spite of the close, day to day a lot of does not want to have sex. How do you talk in a calm and mature way? The answer will affect her yet, not truly. “I have to finish this one, and another one for the blog ( laughs ). Everyone is welcome to join, it’s free!!!”

” Hot in your room’, and can now be found in five.be instagram.com/zovijf

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