Who will suddenly leave, usually feels just helpless. Is given as the reason for the end of something that is completely new, the perplexity is even greater. You feel cheated right to the possibility that you could have done something against the company, and the separation hurts, in a way, twice.

Why your Ex has not told you the relationship is too much, can only be answered by you alone. Maybe she is one of the many people who have a fear of distance, to demand, because you don’t want to hurt the Opposite. Maybe you was also a long time not even aware that a development is going on that bothers you. And in the end you knew help then only with a great liberation to. Maybe other reasons apply.

It may be that you’re faced with this development completely defenseless. Ask yourself at the most if you moved away, Uncomfortable, and may not hear you. This doesn’t have to be evil will happen, but it happens in relationships, the ends supposedly out of nowhere, sometimes. Take for the next relationship, the realization of how important open communication is, even without the problematic occasion.

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