the Russian authorities were in a very unusual role for himself – the organizers of “color revolution”. So, anyway, things are going according to the Belarusian President and his entourage. Story from the series “for that fought for it and ran”. Because the logic of Lukashenko about the same as Patriotic fighters against “the fifth column” and its “foreign puppeteers”.

the Main instrument of Moscow “puppeteers”, according to the vision of the Belarusian authorities, presidential candidate country, the former Chairman of the Board of Belgazprombank (a subsidiary of Russian “Gazprombank”) Victor Babariko. Openly, however, while this does not say, but hints are crystal clear.

“the Puppeteers behind his activities, afraid that our actions will generate data and evidence of their involvement in this illegal activity, – said the Chairman of the state control Committee of Belarus Ivan Tertel, representing the press “the facts of illegal activity of an organized group composed of former and current employees of “Belgazprombank”. – Such persons are, we know the big bosses in “Gazprom”, but may be higher.”

Lukashenko also strongly insinuates that he knows more than he says. “Watching the situation in the last days, I see that intensified certain forces which begin to rapidly destabilize the situation in the country, he said on Friday. – We still managed to make some steps ahead and derail ambitious plans to destabilize Belarus and… attempts to lead the country to a kind of independence. This was the goal. Mask off certain not only “doll” that we had here, but “puppeteers” who sit outside Belarus”.

And in closed meetings in Moscow already in plain text called the customer of the “Maidan”. Example – last Thursday meeting at the Belarusian foreign Ministry, to which were invited the ambassadors of the EU countries and the USA. Before them were all the same Chapter of the SCC. According to available information, he persistently tried to persuade the diplomats that Russia “interfere in elections.” Therefore, they say, and did so firmly with Babariko.

For the record: Victor Babariko was detained Thursday together with his son Eduard, who heads the campaign headquarters of his father. Both are in the KGB detention center in Belarus. Babariko senior charged with “evasion of taxes”. It is noteworthy that the arrest occurred when, after the father and son went to submit to the CEC the next part of signatures in support of the nomination.

At a minimum 100 thousands of autographs for Babariko signed up 435 thousand Belarusians. This is an absolute record for opposition nominees in the history of independent Belarus. Independent sociology in the country, and, accordingly, no reliable ratingB. But the number of signatories shows the popularity of the candidate, perhaps even better than surveys. For the first time in many years, the challenge Lukashenka issued the candidate with a realistic chance to win. More precisely, perhaps, already a former nominee.

Babariko will not work before the election to freedom, I’m sure the Dean of the faculty of world economy and international Affairs higher school of Economics, specialist of Belarus Andrei Suzdaltsev. “Unverified sources say that he and his son were tortured from them by force, trying to achieve recognition in relations with Moscow”, – said the analyst in an interview with RIA “Novosti”. Suzdaltsev estimate an event as the actual change of the political system: Lukashenko “wins the election and appoints himself the sixth time.”

as for the change of regime – is debatable. In principle, Lukashenko does not do anything you haven’t done so far. I remember in the early permanent 26-year presidency of Lukashenka his political opponents in General, disappeared without a trace. From this point of view, jail for Babariko, even torture – a no progress.

is possible to speak about the impasse, which rested Belarusian political model. And with it the Russian-Belarusian relations.

Actually, it is these relationships and was the cornerstone on which rested the Lukashenko regime and its economic quasi-Soviet “miracle”. It would not be generous fraternal assistance, not ProCoder Alexander G. not that the five dates, and even one.

And it long ago became clear that he is not a brother to us and a typical parasite-a hanger-on. Also very easy arranged. When Moscow did not skimp on the oil, gas and other preferences, the assurances of eternal friendship flowed from Minsk river. As soon as the makeup started to weaken, in response to “the pipes” raced quite a different substance. After all, as a rule, returned to normal.

All the reasons in favor of “separating flies from cutlets” overlap one seemingly compelling argument: though son of a bitch but our. And now, in the 21st year of building the Union state, when due to objective reasons, Moscow was forced to still go to a slight decline in the cutlet portion, “suddenly” it became clear that the word “our” in the “formula of friendship” absolute unnecessary. What a shame.

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