The force of the impact must have been enormous: more Than 100 meters, the trail of blood extends to the railway track in Horn TG. Yesterday, shortly after 21 o’clock, thunders here are the S7 on their way from Weinfelden TG to Rorschach, SG, in three ponies and a horse.

It is the second fatal horse Crash within the shortest period of time: the driver of VW Stjepan K.* (†53) crashed in the night of Sunday, fatal, after lost in Wollerau SZ two horses on the carriageway of the A3 (EYES reported).

riding teacher left the gate open,

just like the fatal collision on the highway, the animals büxten also in the train-the Drama of the Horn on a farm in the vicinity of the accident site.

The day after, does not want to comment on Nicole Josuran (48), the owner of the affected training and Board stalls, in the Detail of the events: “It’s just gone stupid. No-one is to blame.” The concern about the loss of the animals was very large, so Josuran.

An employee at the operation, called the child is more apparent in the name: “the last of The riding teacher wasn’t in control of the evening, apparently, if your students have completed the gateway to the enclosures to the right place!” In the result, a total of eight horses have bolted.

a Large search operation launched

the Four of them had been in a hurry-initiated search action capture. For the four on the train track, any help came too late: they had a fatal accident about 200 meters as the crow flies from your barn. In the case of the responsible instructor to be, according to Nicole Josuran a trainee.

all the same, In the collision with the train, no people came to harm. The Unfallzug was able to continue the journey, finally, that the passengers had to get off. The damage to property can not be quantified according to information from the SBB.

*the Name has been changed