The registrars ask the Bank of Russia to revoke a license requirement on the minimum number of regions which need their presence. Instead, registrars are ready to provide remote access to customers via the Internet. In General, this will allow companies to reduce costs, which is especially important against the background of falling incomes. The Bank of Russia supports this proposal, but its implementation is shifted to the next year.Professional Association of registrars, transfer-agents and depositories (PARTAD) and the national Finance Association (NFA) has sent the same letter to the Bank of Russia with a proposal to replace the license requirement for the registrars on the minimum number of RF subjects where the Registrar is required to attend (“y” acquainted with them). In return, they agree to provide remote access. The pandemic leads to a reduction of business and therefore the client base of the loggers drop to 20-30% of the income of registrars is inevitable, said the Chairman of the Board of Directors PARTAD Peter Lanskov. “Exemption from part of the expenses will allow you to better maneuver its cost”— he considers.32 Registrar of the company registers of shareholders of all Russian joint-stock companies, provide the final confirmation of the rights of ownership of shares. Large registrars (with more than 1 million accounts) has to be not less than 60 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, other registrars not less than 40 subjects. To comply with are transfer-Agency agreements with other registrars.According to PARTAD, according to the survey half of the applicable registrars, the total magnitude of costs for these companies in the implementation of licensing requirements on regional presence is about 54 million rubles per year. Including 26 million rubles— is the cost of maintaining redundant branches, almost 28 million rbl.— to work within the transfer Agency relationship. This can be 5-10% of the total operational and administrative expenditure.License requirement for regional presence was aimed solely at reducing the number of Registrar of companies, says the head of the Board of Directors of the “New Registrar” Igor Polyakov. However, according to him, it has played a positive role — schemes were OLD and “Titan”, which increased the adaptability of the business. According to him, the Registrar would be useful to allow the remote identification of customers. The OLD project has played an important role, says CEO of JSC DREDGE Maxim Murashov, but in the current circumstances “it is reasonable to apply other solutions for mass access of shareholders in the register”. “Didn’t have a rule about 60 regions do not need to cancel them, and don’t need motivating rules on digital service shareholders,”— katehericsen co-owner NRK—R. O. S. T. Oleg of Zhiznenko.The Bank of Russia believes that the objective pursued by this requirement (stimulating the development of electronic document management systems registrars), and achieved the preservation of it in its present form is burdensome for market participants. However, in the opinion of the Central Bank, the implementation of the initiative possible, most likely next year.Polina Smorodskaya